Math Stations

Week of December 14th-18th

Station 1: Adding Fractions with Unlike Denominators with Ms. J

Bring your pencil with you to the back table to work with Ms. J on adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators.

Fraction Scale

Fraction Bars to Compare Fractions

Station 2: Dividing Decimals with Ms. Hartmann

Bring your pencils with you to review dividing decimals with Ms. Hartmann.

Station 3: IXL F.7

Get your IXL worksheet out of WHITE DRAWER #3. Complete your 20 problems on F.7 and turn in for a grade on Friday!

Station 4: Build a Snowman Decimal Activity

Get the Snowman Decimal Activity out of WHITE DRAWER #4 and follow directions. Turn in when finished for a grade on Friday!

Station 5: Decimal Review Booklet

Get yourself a Decimal Review Booklet out of WHITE DRAWER #5. Work to complete this. You will also be using this in Station #2 with Ms. Hartmann.

Station 6: Big Kid Color by Number

Finish your Big Kid Color by Number you started in class on Friday. Turn in when you are finished. It will be taken for a grade on Friday.

If you finish, make sure you have your Moby Max Math assessment complete!

Early Finishers:

  • Work to finish any of your unfinished work.

  • Then, you may play any of these games:

Fraction Fruit Shoot

Speedway Fractions

Fraction Board Game

Soccer Shoot Out


Frosty Fractions

Subtracting Fractions

Monster Fractions

  • You can also work on iReady Math.