May Newsletter

FHS Library

Time to Back-up Your Computer

I know, I know - you are tired and ready to pull your hair out!. I promise I will make this as painless as possible. If you have not already done so, please transfer all your files to Google Drive.As annoying as stopping what you are doing can be, multiply that by a factor of 40. That is how bad it will be if you loose every file you currently have on your computer. If you need help, let me know and I will help you. You can drop in when you have time, email me, or text me.

Thank you!

In the hustle of the end of the year madness, it is easy to let frustration and exhaustion get the better of you. I certainly fall into this trap. (Hush, Thames - I don't want to hear it.)
This year I feel like I haven't done the best job of working with entire classes. I have often questioned if I was traveling the right path as a library media specialist. At the end of the year all I can say is that if you have any suggestions about how I can do a better job, PLEASE let me know.
I also want to tell you how wonderfully supportive everyone has been. I don't do a good enough job of telling you guys how wonderful you are. I tell people all the time that FHS is like a family. I know that if I need anything, I could walk up to any person on this campus and they would help me. So many times you watch my back and keep me straight. Thank you for everything and all your support this year as I have struggled to handle changes that are being driven by changes in technology. Please know that I appreciate you all and think you are the best faculty in the district.