Team McCrary

November 2013

November Medium Tote - GOING, GOING, GONE!!!

ONLY 2 days left and they are Going Going, Gone!! The Red Parisian Pop and Black Happy Dot are GONE!! Send this text or email out to your customers and generate sales! (Especially if you are At Risk this month!!)

Hey _______!

I know how much you loved the Medium Utility Tote we had last Fall. There are only 2 days left in the GREAT $7 Medium Tote Sale!! and his year we have Top-A-Tote for it - also only $7! You can get one for EVERY $35 you spend! You can buy one for Regular Price $30 plus a Top-A-Tote $7, and get the special price for $7! Let me know ASAP! Orders going in tonight and tomorrow night then they are GONE!!

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December - Holi-Buys!

This is such a great special! Everyone LOVES the $5 Holiday Holi-Buys!

Call/email/text your customers/friends and don't let them miss out on this great special! Call 10 people today! Post your results on the Team page! Here is a sample text:

Hey _________! I know how we all love a GREAT sale and it starts on Wednesday Nov 27th !We have 5 GREAT items for only $5 (with EVERY $35 purchase!) which include Littles Carry-All Caddy, Every-Day Wristlet, Perfect Pet Leash, Tote-A -Tablet, and the Perfect Bottle Thermal. I'm booking parties for December and my parties for Christmas delivery will close on Dec 10th, so my last party will be December 8th . What date is best for you?

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We have a super exciting announcement! The Megaphone Icon-It is returning for the Fall season! We know this is a popular Icon-It and we bet your Customers will be happy to know it’s still available. You won’t see it in the Catalog, but don’t worry it will be available in your Virtual Office for ordering: for $10 with text and $7 without text. It’s also listed in the Icon-It section of the Fall Personalization “How to” Guide, which you can find in the toolbox on It’s available starting September 1st. Be sure to let your customers know!!

Fall Business Supplies Are Here!!

If you haven't ordered your Fall Catalogs yet - get them ordered! Everyone is LOVING the NEW prints and products.

Team Members

Amy Shepherd

Cecilia Griffith

Donna Strother

Elizabeth Field

Gwen Brown

Gwendolyn Platz

Hallie Boydston

Judy McCrary

Karen Pogue-Blackshear

Kelly Hitchcock

Kimberly Jump

Kimberly Shaffer

Leslie Boling

Lindsey Lewis

Lora Jackson

Michelle Burk

Michelle Horne

Morgan Gayton

Nikki Jernigan

Selena Burke

Tracy Moore

Welcome To Team McCrary!!

Kimberly Jump - Warner Robins GA, Sponsor - Judy McCrary

Michelle Burk - Warner Robins, GA, Sponsor - Judy McCrary

Selena Burke - Kathleen, GA, Sponsor - Judy McCrary

I am so glad you are part of our team!

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To EVERYONE who is new be sure to check out the Start Swell incentives! You must sell $600 each 30 days to get that month's incenti. But don't worry - if you miss the first one you can reach the second and third! Check it out on Thirty-One Today (TOT)
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Start Swell Fourth 30 Days

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Earn It All!!!

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Start Swell

Be sure to know your start date - Start Swells run EVERY 30 days from the day after you start. Be mindful of this date if you are submitting your orders and the date is close. I missed my 2nd Start Swell by 1 day because of this!!!

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September 2013 Party Sales Total of 12 Parties!!

Congratulations to everyone. Total Team Sales $7,198

Judy McCrary $2,064

Leslie Boling $1,801

Kimberly Shaffer $1,133

Gwendolyn Platz $620

Karen Pogue-Blackshear $600

Gwen Brown $273

Amy Shepherd $214

October 2013 Party Sales

Great Job Everyone! Total Team Sales $5753.00

Judy McCrary $2296.50

Lindsey Lewis $802.00

Gwendolyn Platz $734.00

Kimberly Shaffer $665.50

Leslie Boling $479.50

Karen Pogue-Blackshear $222

Nikki Jernigan $213

Donna Strother $202.00


If you are on Facebook, be sure to Friend me and I'll add you to our Team page. It's a great way to keep in touch, get info and support! I will also add you to Sandra Dickens Elite Lineage FB Page. If you are on y FB page and you aren't already on Sandra's page too (She's our SED) let me know and I'll get you added!

Judy McCrary, Independent Director

Let me help you reach your goals. Remember, a goal without a plan is just a dream!