Pythagorean Theorem

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What is Pythagorean Theorem?

Pythagorean Theorem is when a triangle with a right angle (90 degrees) and there are squares on each side of the triangle A,b, and c. C will always be the biggest and a and b add up to be the same area of C.
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How to solve or use Pythagorean theorem.

How do you solve Pythagorean Theorem? The simple equation of Pythagorean Theorem is A^2 + B^2 = C^2. To make sure the triangle is a right triangle A and B should always equal C. Let's say A=3^2,B=4^2 and C=5^2 to make sure it is right First you figure out what 3^2 is which is 9,4^2 is 16 and 5^2 is 25. Then you put it into a problem like 9+16 which equals 25. Make sure after every answer you get your get the square root of it so when you square it,it'll be correct. It doesn't matter what order you put A and B in because when adding the answer will always be the same no matter what order.

Finding a missing part.

Sometimes there is one missing side because not always there will be all the sides on there. If it is missing C it is easy to find it out because you just add sides A^2 and B^2 together then you should get C then find the square root of it then you have your answer. To find side B or A,First you have to do your exponents for example 6^2 + B^2 = 12^2 so then it would be 36+b^2=144 then you subtract 36 from both sides to get b^2 all by itself so then 144 - 36 = 108 then you find the square root of it which it would be 10.4 so B=10.4

Right Triangle and their parts.

A right triangle is a triangle with a 90 degree angle. The two parts are the legs and the hypotenuse. The legs are always side A and B. It doesn't matter which order A and B are in. The hypotenuse is always the longest side of the right triangle or always opposite of the right angle or it is side C

Pythagorean Theorem Proof

Sometimes you don't know if it is a right triangle. So you might be asking how to know if it is a right triangle well you just add up the a^2+b^2 and if it equals c^2 then it is a right triangle. For example: 24+ 7 = 25. Well first you find out your exponents so it would be 576 + 49=625 To make sure it does just add 576 and 49 together but the sum of the numbers would be 625 and 25^2 equals 625! If it is confusing set it up in a triangle put 24 as A and 7 as B then 25 as C