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Monday Memo: Week of January 18th and January 25th

Technology Tips: By Ed

Weekly Tech Tip

Several of the printers we have around the building are capable of printing on both sides of the page. This not only saves paper but produces less “stuff” you have to carry around or file.

To print on both sides:

1. Go to the FILE pull down menu and select PRINT as you normally do. 2. Make sure your printer is selected.

3. The second pull down menu below SETTINGS shows the option to PRINT ONE SIDED.

4. Pull down the menu and select the option PRINT ON BOTH SIDES.

5. You have two options for this:

If you are printing in Portrait: opt for “flip pages on long edge” If you are printing in Landscape: opt for “flip pages on short edge”

6. Click on PRINT, and you have two-sided documents using half the paper!

ESL Corner: By Nina

Interesting Fact from Brain based learning !

50% of your brain is devoted to visual processing and 80% of kids are visual tactile learners.

Using interactive word walls that have been framed by teachers and student produced certainly are the way to raise cognition!

According to Dr. Julie Jackson, word walls are designed to serve as visual scaffolds and are a common classroom tool used to support reading and language arts instruction. To support vocabulary development in science and support students who are ELLs, Husty and Jackson (2008) created interactive word walls that resemble semantic maps (Masters, Mori, and Mori 1993). Semantic maps are graphic organizers that help students identify important ideas and how those ideas fit together. They visually showcase relationships among concepts and may also be referred to as web or concept maps. An interactive word wall, as opposed to the traditional word wall, provides visual aids that assist in illustrating word meanings and conceptually organize words to deepen understanding. These word walls usually include a visual representation of the word along with a vocabulary label. Definitions are optional. In this article, the authors describe an interactive word wall designed to support vocabulary development in middle-school science students, especially ELL students.

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Tuesday January 19th

8:15- Spelling Bee in the Gym

7:00 PM- Incoming 6th Graders Meeting at Hendrick

Wednesday January 20th

7:30 Watch DOG Dad- Bill Barker

11:15- First Grade Field Trip to Outdoor Learning Center

3:00- After School Art Class

3:15- Team Leader Meeting- Conference Room

Thursday January 21st

8:00- 9:00 Parent Education: "Raising Kids of Character"

9:15- 12:15 5th Grade to Hendrick for Band/Orchestra Ensembles

3:00- 4:15 After School Art Class

Friday January 22nd

Watch Dog Dad- Michael Thiele- 3rd Grade Parent...Please think of things for him to do schoolwide. Thanks!

Brooke- Great Job with College Week!!!

TO Brooke Burnette for an awesome College Week!

Shout out to Brooke Burnette for going above and beyond with College Week!

“Tea”-Xas size Shout Out to Ms. Burnette for all her effort in coordinating College Week and to those that assisted her! Students were definitely anticipating their future and what that mean until then!!

To Mrs. Burnette for planning an awesome college week! Our second graders are college ready.

Shout out to Brooke for a fabulous College Week! I loved how we started on Monday wearing our Hedgcoxe shirts and each day proceeded up the education al ladder to the next level representing each school that our students will attend.

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Message from Aretta:

I want to give a special shout-out to the best 5th grade team in the world! You have been awesome to work with….and I will miss you all SO much!

Christine and Janice: Thank you for being so patient with me! It was such a joy to see your smiling faces first thing in the morning!

To the Hedgcoxe staff: I want to thank all of you for being SO kind to me. It has been a pleasure being a part of this family! I love working at Hedgcoxe! You all ROCK!

Don't forget to remind your students to bring in their box tops!!

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Monday January 25th- Boxtop Contest Week!

2:50-3:50 Chess Club

Tuesday January 26th

7:45- Spring Casual and Classroom Group Pictures

3:15-4:15 SBIC Meeting

Wednesday January 27th

2:45-4:00 Afterschool Art Class

3:15-4:30 Staff Meeting

Thursday January 28th

3rd Grade- City of Plano: Basics of Backyard Composition (G107)

8:00-12:30 Security STAAR Training for certain staff members

2:45-4:00 Afterschool Art Class

Friday January 29th

Watch Dog: Ben Howe 2nd and 4th Grade

Saturday January 30th


Shout Outs!!

Thank you for accommodating the testing schedule for PACE and understanding how much your support helps! You rock!

For Karen Rippel for always being someone we can count on!

For our awesome ELC and ALC for allowing the PACE volunteers to come help in your classrooms!

Shout out to Christine Sanchez for all the times she’s had to call me about attendance. She’s always nice about it!

Shout out to Nurse Key for helping take care of our kids!

Shout out to Lynda Bommarito and Aretta Taylor for being such a joy to work with! These wonderful ladies make everything fun! Thank you for teaching me every day how to be a better teacher!

Super Shout Out to Ms. Jones, Ms. Ripple, Mr. Goodfellow, Ms. Anderson and the grade level teachers in contributions made for our annual Science and Engineering Fair! Thank you for your teamwork!!

Thank you to Kaylee Fortney and Matthew Stout and SpEd team for helping to consider what may be needed to implement schedule improvements!! You all are the best in keeping the student focus!!

Joy Roberts for always giving a helping hand to 3rd Grade with our kiddos.

Janice, Christine, Laura and Kristi for the help with tailgate party!!

To Mrs. Ripple for working so hard to make sure our 2nd graders are successful. She is the epitome of flexibility and we love her so much!

To all who helped with the Tailgate luncheon! Second grade thought it was such a fun idea!

To Mr. Goodfellow for always helping us with 2nd grade’s computer issues.

Ms. McNeely, Mrs. Flohr and Mrs. Mulvey are awesome teammates. I love the heart they have for our students and how they always go above and beyond the call of duty.

To Mrs. Jones for helping 2nd grade with their grade level purchases. Our kids are loving the new “Hot Dot” activities!

To Juan and Marta for bearing with 2nd grade and the glitter we used all week.

To Mrs. Flohr, for working on the yearbook 2 years in a row!! She is a dedicated, best-practices teacher!!

Shout out to Jen LeWinter for being such a hard team player and worker.

Shout out to the First Grade Team for making my day so much FUN!!!

Thank you to Ms. Graham for saving us with needed supplies for a lesson!!!!

Thank you to Ms. Tuggle for being an awesome team mate.

Thank you to Nurse Key for taking such good care of our students.

Thank you to Mrs. Sanchez for always helping us when we have a question.

A HUGE shout to Shannon Wallace for making every child feel important and special!!

A special thank you to my most amazing Kindergarten team. Thank you Susie and Sarah for each and every day.

Shout out to our wonderful staff for making this such a great place to be ! ! ! !