By: Tristin Paulson

What is Divorce?

The legal dissolution of a marriage by a court or other competent body.

What are some causes of divorce?

Some of the following are some reasons that marriage can end in divorce. Lack of commitment, Too much arguing, Infidelity, Marrying to young, unrealistic expectations, Lack of equality, lack of preparation, abuse.

If You or someone needs help with this

If you or someone you know needs help these might help.
Local Counselor
Talk with friends
Talk with people who have experienced divorce

what is the prevelance of divorce?

Age at marriage for those who divorce in America


Under 20 years old27.6%11.7%

20 to 24 years old36.6%38.8%

25 to 29 years old16.4%22.3%

30 to 34 years old8.5%11.6%

35 to 39 years old5.1%6.5%

Divorce Statistics in America for Marriage

MarriageDivorce statistics (in percent)

First Marriage45% to 50% marriages end in divorce

Second Marriage60% to 67% marriages end in divorce

Third Marriage70% to 73% marriages end in divorce