4th Grade Technology Assessment


Attention Parents:

I wanted to let you know that during the week of April 22nd, your child will be taking a technology assessment. While this assessment is not graded or reported out in newspapers, it is reported out to the district. Howard has always struggled with this assessment. Please allow your child to have some extra time on the computer to become familiar with programs such as Word, Excel, and Power Point.

Easy Tech Lessons

This week's lessons in technology are focused on Internet Etiquette and Cyber Bullying. Your child has 3 lessons they need to complete in the Easy Tech site. If you haven't seen how the program works, I encourage you to sit with your child to see how this computer generated learning program works. Please encourage your child to complete these lessons at home if possible. Take some time to see how much your child knows about how computers operate. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by their computer knowledge. Share some of your computer tips and knowledge with your child. It is really a great way to connect, communicate, and get to know your child in a different way.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are wondering where your child can access the Easy Tech Lessons, just ask them! They should know! They can be found by going to learning.com or by visiting the classroom symbaloo sites. http://www.learning.com