By; Kaylee Grzeskowiak

Herbosa's Flag


The color's on the flag have different meanings. Green can symbolize the Earth, agriculture, and fertility. Yellow often represents the sun, wealth, and/or justice. Blue often represents freedom, vigilance, perseverance, justice, prosperity, peace, and/or patriotism

The flag of Herbosa was created because it’s kind of like a face with no mouth. I got that from the Native Americans who would make dolls with no faces, so that people wouldn't be vain or something. The mouthless face represents that we don’t talk bad about anyone's beliefs. The circles with the stars in them represent curious, sparkling eyes, for we have curious people.


My country's climate is Temperate Continental. That means it hot during the summer and really cold in the winter. People wear jeans and sweatshirts/sweaters during winter, and wear tank tops and shorts during summer. In spring and autumn people wear t-shirts and long shorts.

Some of my physical features include lakes, forests, and hills. The cities are located close to the lakes because our natural resource is water. And a lot of our lakes are by the forests.

My natural resource is water. That's why my cities are located by the lakes. Well most of the major cities are near the water.

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My government is a Constitutional Monarchy. Herbosa has a king called Edward and a queen called Allison. They have a son called Louis. But Herbosa also has a Prime Minister. The Prime Minister's name is Draco Pince.


The food we eat in Herbosa is food like fruits and nuts. We also have a lot of vegetables too.
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My country's favorite sport is Soccer, but we call it football. Football (soccer) is our main sport. Before we settled in, the natives called the Herbosians, played football before we came. When we came, they kept playing football, and it was still their main sport, but we taught them how to play baseball and softball.


In Herbosa, we mostly wear t-shirts and jeans. But during the winter we wear t-shirts with a sweatshirt over the shirt and wear jeans. In summer we wear tank tops and shorts. During spring and autumn we wear t-shirts and jeans.


My country is a developed country. It has a bunch of industries. The biggest one is meat factory, and a paper factory. We have a lot of paper and meat factories because we have a lot of trees and animals. We also have a lot of water cleaning factories because we have a lot of water and we want to make sure no one gets sick from drinking the water. We have a lot of hospitals but not as much because we are very cautious, yet very curious.

One of our main jobs is cutting down trees. Another main jobs is the potion making factory. We make a potion to spray on trees to make them grow faster.


The history of my country started with the Herbosians. The Herbosians came into the land long ago. They got the land because it was the only open piece of land. But they didn't mind. They settled and built buildings like they have now. Then a few decades later, we came. We adapted to their life style. We eat the same foods they did before we came. We kept everything the same except the government. We added a Prime Minister.