The Incredible Inclined Plane

By Mackenzie K

What is a Inclined Plane?

You need to move a piano from your first floor to your second floor. What do you do? You can use a simple machine called the inclined plane. The inclined plane is made up of one part. It is a flat surface that is tilted like a ramp.It is important because it makes work easier and it helps people. One way it helps people is if you are in a wheel chair and you need to get to a higher or lower space , you can use a inclined plane to get you there . A common inclined plane to help you is a ramp. A ramp does not only help you if you are in a wheel chair but it can also help you to move things . For example , you want to move a heavy object to a different place but it is to heavy to lift, you can use a inclined plane and slid it down the higher side to the lower side. There are many different ways to use inclined planes and there are many different inclined planes to use.Inclined planes can let you do things that are harder because inclined planes let you use less force.The reason is that when you are pushing the heavy object from one place to another on the inclined plane and you are on the higher end you can use less force because it is going down hill and you have to start it by giving it a push but then it will go the rest of the way down by its self.If we did not have the inclined plane life would be a lot harder then it is now. really , if we did not have any simple machines life would be so hard and not very fun. Lucky us because we do ! inclined planes make work and life so much easier.

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