Lime Bear Newsletter

September 28-October 2

Ask me what I learned this week!

*What tool did you use to mix colors in the science center? (an eyedropper)

*What are some of the colors that you made? How did you do it?

*In Little Blue Truck, which truck got stuck in the mud first? (The big yellow dump truck.)

*Who tried to help him get out of the mud first? (The little blue truck.)

*Why didn't the animals want to help the big yellow dump truck? (He was not a very good friend.

*What real truck did you choose to research? (flat bed, dump, grader, digger, cement mixer, or roller)

Upcoming Events:

Picture Day at GBEEC: October 9

Teacher Work Day/Professional Development: October 16, NO SCHOOL

Fall Conferences at School & Book Fair: October 21, 22. NO SCHOOL these days.

NO SCHOOL OCTOBER 23 (comp time for night conferences)

Halloween Parade (Day Event): October 30

Baby Sign Language at GBEEC: November 5

Jill Molli & Conscious Discipline: the evening of November 23. (She is the best!)

If you ever have any questions or concerns, remember to call the main Great Beginnings phone number (816-986-2460) or e-mail me at

Week 2 of The Truck Project

Some fun activities will include:

*Our 'anchor' book will beGoodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site. This is a fun story that features unique trucks that have real features (such as, a bulldozer), but the trucks also have human characteristics. This will give us an opportunity to compare real and pretend trucks.

*Begin researching real trucks! The children have each chosen a truck to research. The teacher will work with them one-on-one or in very small groups to read and write about the truck, understand its characteristics and function, and to draw a picture.

*Make applesauce!

Thanks so much for sending in snacks! Next week's snacks will be:

Monday: Vanilla wafers and fruit snacks. Thank you, Ash'Lynn, Brynn, and Dane!

Tuesday: Graham crackers and pudding. Thank you, Mary!

Thursday: Goldfish crackers and juice. Thank you Juday, Brynn, and Ms. Laurie!

Friday: Homemade applesauce. Yum!

Great Beginnings calendar is subject to change. Keep in touch through our district website!

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Family Help Wanted!

Our memory drawing activity last week showed us that our smart kiddos have a lot of prior knowledge about trucks. After we finish research the work that some construction trucks do, we would like to learn a little bit about how trucks run. WE ARE LOOKING FOR A VOLUNTEER TO COME TO OUR CLASSES, SHOW THE KIDS WHAT IS UNDER TO HOOD OF A CAR/TRUCK, AND TALK A LITTLE BIT ABOUT WHAT MAKES TRUCKS GO. CALL THE CLASSROOM OR E-MAIL ME IF YOU CAN HELP:)
Little Blue and Little Yellow Claymation