Academy of the Arts at Bransom

March 26-29, 2018 (School Days 129-132)

A Note From Your Principal

Welcome Back, Academy of the Arts Families!

It is great to have a couple of days each week to break up the daily routine of school and perhaps work. Weekends are good for everyone. Ball games, church meetings, rest, and volunteering opportunities are examples of things that our children need. They need time with family, time with different friends, and time to refresh.

Each of you have weekday routines and weekend routines that help your family function at a high level. The faculty and staff appreciate every family who prioritizes their child's education especially during the weekdays. The priority you put on education throughout the week benefits your child for a lifetime. Your weekly attention to homework, daily reading, and focused conversations with your child makes huge differences in academic success but it also builds a solid foundation for strong relationships in the home.

Strong relationships are also being built at school. Thanks for being a good example for how your child should treat other people. Thanks for planting good seeds within your child each day. Here are some questions that may be helpful as you teach your child about how people should treat each other.

How would you like other people to treat you?

How do you think you should treat your classmates?

How do you think you and your classmates should treat your teacher?

We can not always prepare every path that our children will have to walk. We just need to make sure we always prepare our children for whatever path they have to walk.

As we begin to wrap up the final weeks before important end-of-year assessments, we all want to remember that the more we prepare now, the less our students will need to fret over their readiness. Keep your child keep up on their homework, read with your child every day, and encourage your child with personal notes, words of wisdom, and a healthy home. Your every act matters. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO!

I know that each of you have choices in your child's education and I am extremely proud that you have chosen the Academy of the Arts at Bransom.

Thanks again for ALL you do,

Mrs. Burchfield


Congratulations, 5th grade families. Your attendance was the best on our campus the week before the break at 98.55%. Wow! Our overall attendance was at 97.11%! We are so glad to see the 97 percentages again. We are so glad to see so many back on the road to good health. Let's stay there!

Reading Tip of the Week from Mrs. Jackson

Your child has nightly reading homework. What should YOU be doing? Tips for Parents

1. Choose the right time. Always try to find a time when your child will cooperate, when neither of you are pushing to just finish the homework. The best time might not be right after school as some play time may be needed first, and certainly just before bed is not opportune. Find a time that works for you and your family.

2. Sit side by side with your child. Children want to please adults and will try their best to sound knowledgeable while reading. If the assignment is to read silently, actually sit by your child and read silently at the same time. Elbow to elbow and knee to knee is the best sitting position.

3. At the emergent level (when the child is learning sight words, short vowels, and mostly individual letter sounds), allow the child to use all the resources of the book, including pictures. Parents sometimes tell me they are proud of the fact they covered the pictures in emergent readers to force the child to read the “big” words. At this point in early reading, it is not possible to read the big words. The point of emergent readers is to learn sight words, use left to right reading orientation, and realize each word is separate, to utilize the pictures, and to experience reading success. Books that say things such as, “I like the ball, I like the car, I like the bird” are only helping reinforce the words I and like.

4. Do not stop reading aloud to your child. It is a mistake to think that now the child can read on his or her own, the parent is out of the picture. Reading aloud to children should continue through grade four or higher. Why? Adults can read such a great variety of stories and expose children to a huge amount of vocabulary that children cannot access on their own. Children need to be reminded that reading is interesting.

5. Discuss what was read. Help your child understand the point of reading is to understand, not just “word call.”

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A.M.P. CAMP Presents...

...the McTeggart Irish Dancers. We were so excited to welcome the dancers to our Monday AMP Camp last week. They did a fine job sharing their talents and their passion for dance.

Our students are beginning to develop their passions. As a school we want to support this development especially in the area of the ARTS. But families, it is important for you to also foster your children in finding their passion. The ARTS, sports, and computer science are areas that can be developed even now at their young ages.

Thanks for supporting our efforts as we support your efforts to raise
wise, respectful, and passionate young citizens.

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What a great spring Creek Spirit Night!
Thanks everyone who joined us and supported our Bransom PTO.

1st National Bank Easter Coloring Contest Entries are on Display at the Bank

Don't Miss this Incredible Art Show

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WatchD.O.G.S. (Dads Of Great Students)

We are always looking for more dads and granddads to join us as WatchDOGS (Dads Of Great Students). If you are interested, call 817-245-3600 and talk to Valerie Martin.

We are thankful for WatchD.O.G.S. Adam Possin for his service to our school last week! Avery, Emma, and Madison were a good sports to share her dad!

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This Week:

March 26-30: 1st National Bank Coloring Contest Entries Display Week

Monday: BISD School Board Meeting - Spelling Bee Winners will be recognized - Yea, Madison Batchelor.

Tuesday: BISD ART Show @ the BRiCk

Wednesday: 1st National Bank Coloring Contest Judging; BISD ART Show @ the BRiCk

Thursday: BISD ART Show Open House and Reception @ the BRiCk from 5:30 to 7:00PM

Friday: Good Friday Holiday for students and staff

Upcoming Calendar:

April 1: Easter

April 4: Spring Picture Orders are due; National School Librarian Day and Paraprofessional Appreciation Day

April 6: End of the 5th 6-Weeks Grading Period; PTO Popcorn Day

April 9: 6th 6-Weeks Grading period begins; School Board Meeting (6:30)

April 10: 4th Grade Writing for New Students; 5th Grade Math STAAR

April 11: 5th Grade Reading STAAR

April 12: 4th Grade to Ft. Worth Botanic Gardens

April 16: Texas Reads One Book Kick-Off for all students and staff (The Mouse and the Motorcycle)

April 17: PTO Villa Diana Fundraiser
April 18: 4th & 5th Grade Field Day

April 19: Bobcat Pride Breakfast; 5th Graders visited by STEAM personnel; "Summer Camp" 4th & 5th Grade Drama at CHS @ 6:00

April 20: Bad Weather Make-Up Day

April 23-27: 2nd Grade Poetry Celebration

April 24: Kindergarten Round-Up 2:00-6:00 in the cafeteria

April 25: Kindergarten to Casa Manana to see "Beauty and the Beast" (9:15-12:15)

May 3: BISD Ranger Texas Night

May 7-11: Teacher Appreciation Week

May 9: National School Nurse Day

May 13: Mothers' Day

May 14: 3rd & 4th Grade Math STAAR; 5th Grade Math Retake if Necessary

May 15: 3rd & 4th Grade Reading STAAR; 5th Grade Reading Retake if Necessary

May 16: 5th Grade Science STAAR

May 17: 5th Grade Splash Station

May 18: 2nd Grade "Kids Who Care - Earth and Soul" Field Trip 9:00-2:00; Bluebonnet Reward Field Trip 10:00-1:30

May 22: Math Bee Competition @8:30
May 23: Bobcat Pride Breakfast; 5th Grade Awards at CHS; 5th Grade Dance at AAB

May 24: Bransom Field Day for Kinder-3rd Grade

May 25: End of 6th -Weeks Grading Period; Last Day of School: Early Dismissal (11:45)

May 28: Memorial Day

May 29: Potential Bad Weather Make-Up Day; Teacher Workday

June 11: School Board Meeting

June 21: 1st Day of Summer
June 26: 5th Grade Math STAAR Retake (if necessary)

June 27: 5th Grade Reading STAAR Retake (if necessary)

Remember to stay in contact with your child's teacher for grade level/class events.