School Vouchers

By: Sierra Hartman

What is it?

School Vouchers are certificates of funding from the government that lets people use them to pick what school to go to, could be a private or public schools. They help pay the tuition of the school that the parents and child pick to go to.

Positive Aspects:

School vouchers will create a competition between the public and private schools because it will create going to private schools more accessible, which will cause public schools to have to step up there game. This will help public schools improve. School vouchers can also help save the state money.

Negative Aspects:

School Vouchers would cause the issue of using public funds on private schools. This would also cause private schools to become dependent on the public. Another bad thing about school vouchers is that it would have "cream skimming" which is where intelligent and higher class people would take advantage of this program and lower class wouldn't because they would not be as informed on the program.

Important Years:

School Vouchers started by Milton Friedman in the 1950's. In the 1990's is when it became pretty popular.

Does it still exist?

School vouchers are still around in certain cities. Those places include Milwaukee and Chicago.

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