Media Production

Ms. Rudolfi -

What is Media Production?

Media Production is one of the arts classes at Edward Felegy Elementary School. In Media Production, students will learn how to create different types of media using many forms of technology. The main units we will learn are: Advertising Literacy, Animation, Coding, and Photography. Our classroom has a set of iPads that the students will use in conjunction with other materials to explore and create posters, games, advertisements, etc.

Learning how to use technology is extremely important at any age. In the coming years, technology will only become more important in their lives. Learning about technology helps to empower students, and strengthen their confidence.

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Fifth Grade Storyboards

Students learned about the purpose of a storyboard and created one using the application Pixton.

Lego Photography

Students created Lego scenes and practiced taking photographs from many angles using the iPad's camera.

Frequently Used Applications and Websites

  • DoodleBuddy (Free on the Apple Store)
  • Chromville (Free on the Apple Store)
  • PicStitch (Free on the Apple Store)
  • Pixton Comic Creator
  • Online Flipbook Creator -