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Rola A.

Why I chose this qoute.

I liked this quote because I thought it was funny and its a good way of saying I like big books.

10 Things About Me!

I do Tae Kwon Do. I am a black tip one. I love tae kwon because its fun and a good exercise. I am a slow reader because it takes me over two months to finish a single book! I love reading short and mystery books.

1. I like eating will i read.

2. I like to read easy books.

3. I like fold the corners of my books.

4. I like prefer glossy paper.

5. I like to read fantasy books.

6. I hate big books.

7. I hate small writen words in books.

8. I like reading to my little cousins.

9. I hate reading books that I was forced to read.

10. I hate romantic books.

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My Latest Blog Entry

I am currently reading a Geronimo Stilton book. It is about Thea (his sister) and her friends who go on an adventure to space, but there is a twist... They break down when they get there and worst of all they separate! The last book I read was a World Record book. It had all these different but cool people who did really scary and challenging stuff. I didn't really like the book but at the same time i did because some of the stuff was really boring and not very interesting to read.

My Favorite books and Some of my Hobbies

One of my favorite books is from Geronimo Stilton and I like books from him because there fun and funny books to read. They are also very interesting. One of my Hobbies is Tae Kwon Do I am there everyday either teaching or actually doing class. My other hobbie is sewing I love sewing i am learning how to make a skirt but its not turning out so well.
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