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Kevin Toohig

Kevin Toohig Promotional Marketing Specialist

Kevin Toohig is world’s best Printing & Promotional service provider. To make things more specific, let's take a look at how promotional items can actually make you more popular during the holidays (and even the whole year round):

It Will Allow You to Connect With Your Target Market

As mentioned earlier, marketing is about communicating and creating relationships with your market.

By handing out promotional products and gifts, you are actually able to connect with your audience in a much deeper level. Accordingly, this allows you to further encourage people to support your business or brand.

In this day of technology and social networking, you have to be tuned in to online resources in an effort to build a wide network for referral business. But, how do you keep your name in front of your network when they are off line? What will remind them day in and day out that your company is out there, looking for more business?

Custom printed promotional items are a great way to get your brand noticed and keep it in front of contacts. Unlike other forms of advertising such as television, radio or magazine, or the web, promotional products have the advantages of being useful, hands-on, and "touchy-feely". This leaves a longer lasting impression. Additionally, custom printed promotional products can be placed directly into the hands of decision makers, making them far more personal while repeating your brand over and over. So, you get maximum return on investment (ROI the bean counters call it) when you incorporate quality, useful, promotional items into your marketing plan.

However, remember it takes an average of nine rejections before you might actually get an order from a new prospect, so don't count on a one time meeting - plan for the next contact immediately. If you gave a custom printed pen at one meeting, give a note pad with your logo and contact information at the next meeting. Consider something sweet for the next meeting such as candy with your logo on it. Be creative. If it is an aviation client you are attempting to recruit, consider USB drives in the shape of an airplane, or a clock made to look like an airplane gauge.

The bottom line is that promotional products:

  • Can be precisely targeted
  • Will get your name in front of your network and sales contacts
  • Will KEEP your name in front of your network and sales contacts
  • Will maximize your Return on Investment more so than television, radio or the web

Try using custom printed promotional products for marketing your company to your network of contacts. You will be glad you did!

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