Scavenger Hunt

Steph's Team Incentive

I want to SEE you work your business

Now is the perfect time to really dig in to your business. We have a brand new Take Out Menu coming out. If you were to put just an hour a day in to your business, think about how it would effect you next month or the month after that? What better way to "work" then have fun while doing it. Below I have listed several different tasks for you to complete during the month of August. But here's the catch...I want you to take a picture of each task and show me! You can use your smartphone or a regular digital camera, just snap a quick photo and you're finished. For those of you on Facebook, I will have a separate album just for this, please make sure you upload your photos to that album. It will help me count your points up at the end of the month and I want to make sure everyone's points are accounted for. Just put your name and what the picture is of in the Description. For those that aren't on Facebook, feel free to email me your photos by Aug. 31st. Every photo will count as one point, please only take one photo each time. For example; if you are at a Jewelry Bar, only one picture from that Jewelry Bar will count.

Here's the Scavenger Hunt List;

  • Handing out TOM's to someone (yes, you can take a picture of this! I have done it before) The more people you give one to, the more points you get!
  • Leaving a TOM wherever you go! Restaurant, Dr. Office, Gym...wherever! - make sure your contact information is on the back!
  • Creating a list of Friends/Family to contact about all the new and exciting things coming out this Fall (I want to see the entire list)
  • You partying it up! Ask someone at the party to take a picture of you and a few of the gals at the could get the entire party in on it or just the hostess. HOWEVER, you will get a point for each person that gets in the photo with you. Make it fun, do a silly faces, pretend like you're dancing...they are at an O2 Jewelry Bar, everyone should be having a blast!
  • Your calendars for September and October with dates highlighted when you can party!
  • Your goals for the next 3 months! Parties, PV, something you are wanting to earn, building your team...whatever it is, WRITE it down, put it on your wall some where that you will see it every day and take a picture of it!

Here's what you will win!

1st Prize - An entire charm collection out of the NEW Fall Take Out Menu (such as Outdoors, Hobbies, Birthstones, etc)

2nd Prize - Two Items from our NEW Core Collection

3rd Prize - One NEW Dangle

If you have any questions, please don't be afraid to ask me! Good luck and HAVE FUN!