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Shannon Beckman; Editor-in-Chief

Letter From Alice Paul

August 19, 1920

Dear Future Americans,

Never stop fighting for what you believe in. Every other person may be against you when you first speak your mind but, that can all change if you keep fighting. Trust me, I went through something very similar. It was a greatly discussed argument that went on for far too long. I had tried getting people to go against what everyone else was saying to better the country. But no one would listen. At first.

Living in the United States can have its benefits, but it can be rather hard to see them when all you're doing is fighting for something. Like when I was fighting for women to get the right to vote. It had lots of bumps or the road and certain lots of people hurt both mentally, and physically. That doesn't mean that you shouldn't fight. In fact not focusing on anything else might even give you the motivation to get it done not only better, but quicker.

In my experience fighting my battle. After I got a group of other fellow women to fight along side me. We were put in the Occuquan Prison for protesting. Which, led to some fights. I decided to do a hunger strike like i did back in my old home because of the poor conditions.We all joined in a song as well, to show we would not give up on this. We were all together. But after all of that, The blue noses put me in my own cell where i couldn't see anyone. I had no one to talk to or even look at. And since I would not eat on my own, they resorted to force feeding me with a plastic tube which wound up making me puke and bleed. Besides these harsh conditions though, I did not give up.All of us got out of the prison and the 19th amendment was passed just yesterday, stating that women finally had the right to vote.

The world has "consequences" for what you do. But, if you truly believe that it is better for the country or world. Possibly just a small city, then why wouldn't you try and fight for it? Don't let other people control what you do. Stick up for your beliefs and stick up for what's right. There could be the worst conditions you will ever meet, and it can be hard to face but I believe you can do anything you set your mind to.

Just words of advice,

Alice Paul


Use Cheaters To Check Your Food's Sources

When deciding what to eat, be sure to consider the workers that picked, processed, and transported it. But, do not make it the number one thing on your priority list. You should make sure you can at least afford food on your table and that your kids are healthy before you think about it. Even do work on your job. The things that help you make a living, and even live.+

People don't realize that picking the cheapest food comes at a price. Yes, it is nice to save money by buying a 5 cent can of soda but those can make a person overweight faster then just making a healthier version with ingredients from home. It may cost a little more but it does help out the farmers that grow and possibly process all the ingredients to make the foods and drinks.The chemicals, oils, and salt in factories that make food are extremely unhealthy. An alternative company could make stuff for cheaper and keep it healthy if they found more people to do the work.

Unfortunately, machines are able to do a lot of the work. Plus, people love to travel for their job and make money. Especially if that's what they love to do. So, if you can find people that are making money and are okay to drive a while for work, then it's a good option to replace local workers and get lots of jobs.

Boxer Rebellion

The latest most shocking news story is going to give you the heebie-jeebies! With foreign countries now vying for business in China. A secret group called the Society of Righteous and Harmonious Fists (Known as Boxers) began attacking the innocent and harmless foreign missionaries and Chinese Christians. So What are we gonna do?

The western nations are planning on rushing 20,00 troops including 2,000 Americans to try and help the poor people just for what they believe.

We hope the best for the missionaries and Christians as they are trying not to get killed. Fighting for their lives. Let us stand together and support the troops trying to stop this crazy nonsense.

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Sports Hero of The Month

This month's sports hero is tennis player Suzanne Lenglen.

Born on May 24,1899 near Paris, France. She had a childhood illness but overcame it, becoming a tennis player. She's won 31 championship titles which were the Wimbledon singles, women's doubles, and mixed doubles. Also, she's earned gold medals at the Olympics just six years ago.

Unfortunately, her father has failing health and has an inability to protect her interest. But, this has just motivated her to go into professionals this year to try and make money. Let's go Suzanne! Go win your tennis matches and be better than you ever have been!

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Featured Artist

This week's featured artist is Florence Mills. She is one of the greatest entertainers and singing, dancing jazz performers this world has ever seen! Born on January 25, 1895. She was steeped into the traditions of African-based black music and dance.Her shows that she did include Hawaiian Night in Dixieland, I'm a Little Blackbird Looking For a Bluebird, and I'm Just Wild About Harry which has brought her the international fame she has now. Which she very well deserves. I'm Just Wild About Harry was originally written as a waltz but writer Eubie Blake decided to change it to the cat's meow of foxtrot.

Her career as a hoofer is also the bee's knees. At the age of just 5 years old she was a champion dancer. She had received a bracelet from the British ambassadors wife for entertaining the diplomatic set. She is skilled in various types of jazz and tap dance. She is renowned for her eccentric and acrobatic dancing as well.

Performing is also a big part of her life. One of the shows she's done is Shuffle Along. Although Florence wasn't a part of the original cast, she was able to join in August 1921 after entrepreneurs lured away a leading performer. It's a "rags-to-riches" tale about a show put together on a "shoestring" budget. This show has recreated the golden age of black musical entertainment and is a revelation to all white audiences. If you haven't seen it, you better hope Shuffle Along will be performed again because it is just hotsy-totsy.

More Pictures of The States

New Weapons

There are 2 interesting new weapons introduced for WWI.

One was airplanes. They started off by throwing heavy objects out of the window, but now the soldiers learned how to mount machine guns and kill the enemy from air.

Another new weapon was gas because it was risky to use without it coming back at the soldiers who threw it. Gas soon failed though because as long as you can see the color, soldiers could just put on a gas mask to protect themselves.

Help The Soldiers, Get a Liberty Bond

There are children's parents in the war and they want you to get a liberty bond to help their dad in the war. Don't be greedy. Go and get it.

If you can't fight, go and invest!

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