Harness the Power

Nuclear Engineer

What does a Nuclear Engineer Do?

Nuclear engineers harness the power of the atom to help solve large and difficult problems facing humanity. They design power plants that create energy to power homes and businesses without producing greenhouse gases. They develop machines that image the human body and destroy cancer cells, sterilize food and medical equipment, and create new pest or drought-resistant seeds. They work to make the world a better place.

Training to get there

To work as a nuclear engineer you have to have at least a Bachelor's degree, probably in science, such as physics, or engineering. You should be creative, inquisitive, analytical, and be detail oriented, imaginative, precise, and logical. You also need excellence in math and communication skills.

All about the money

Nuclear engineers make about $101,930 per year. With more experience and traning the amount goes way up and above what the average amount people in america gets payed per year, $45,230. The projected job growth is about average form 7% to 13%. Being a nuclear engineer means you get hired by nuclear power plants and factories.