Winsor Faculty Update

Early October Edition

Responsive Classroom

Please join us for our Interactive Modeling book group. We are meeting on Thursday, October 17th to convene for our second meeting. Please come, having read chapters three and four. Our focus continues to be on breaking academic tasks into smaller component parts, having students provide exemplars of expected behaviors as an intermediate step towards completion. Interactive Modeling gains traction by making expectations explicit and connecting directly to academic tasks. Creating a warm, but predictable classroom environment allows students to settle into a comfort zone, leading to increased academic and social engagement.


Our Walk-A--Thon is tomorrow. If the weather is nice, we will be outside. If the rain and wind persist, we will have the event in the cafeteria. Please review the schedule that Lori sent out earlier this week and contact the office with any questions.

Consult Times

Thank you for selecting a consult time. We now have monthly times scheduled with all grade level teams. This time will be used to discuss student concerns and ways to collaboratively problem solve. These meetings will also ensure we are all communicating regularly for the benefit of positive student outcomes.

Building Clean Out

All of our elementary schools are taking steps to reduce clutter and optimize our limited classroom space. Dr. Paolucci has asked each of us to dispose of old, unused items, such as binders. Please continue to place unused items for disposal in boxes. If you need more boxes, Brent can provide them for you. The more we do now, the easier it will be to instruct as the year moves forward.

Spark Grants

Educators in Grades Three and Four, as well as itinerant teachers- please be reminded that the deadline for Spark Grant submission is tomorrow. As things stand, I know we have at least two grants that have been submitted. If I can help, please let me know. In these challenging financial times- the more we can procure for our students using alternative funding sources, the more we can do with our in-district funds.

Thank you for all that you do on behalf of our students. All of our stakeholder groups value and appreciate the quality of our school.