The tiger favorite diet is deer and wild boar. Tiger may also eat antelope, buffalo, guar, domestic livestock, peafowl, monkeys, civets, porcupines, fish, frogs, crabs, large monitor lizards, pythons, and young elephants or rhinos. Grass, fruits, and berries. denpending on where they live this is may what they eat


Most Tigers live in Asia, specifically throughout Southeast Asia, China, Korea and Russia. Tigers like to live in swamps, grasslands,and rain forests. Usually where Tigers live there are trees, bushes, and clumps of tall grass. It shades the Tiger from the sun when it's extremely hot. Not only does this protect them from the sun, it also helps them to camouflage with their surroundings and surprise their prey. Unlike other cats, Tigers love the water and are very sensitive to heat. Tigers are very powerful swimmers. Most Tigers will soak in water usually after making a kill. Tigers are most likely found eating grass or other animals such as deer, buffalo, wild cattle and wild boars, also from time to time they will eat fish and crabs.

What People Do With Tigers

Some people keep tigers as pets which is very dangerous i suggest to not get a pet tiger. Some mean/cruel people kill theses animals for fur i just think its wrong to do that.