Lucy's Library Blast

February 1, 2016

Website Photos and Info(graphics)

Staff, please share photos from class/clubs/sporting events and news items for the website. Just email to me (please add a caption to any photos) and I will upload. Your faculty pages should be up and accurate. You can either post tantalizing info there or link your own website. Remember the number one reader of the website is parents. We need to show how we are meeting the needs of their kids, providing even greater challenges for success, and generally selling the school for future Blue Jays. Thanks!

Nice Shout Out in the American Libraries Journal about Limitless Libraries

Did you know we are the first and only one of two districts in the entire country to offer the public library/school library connection? Please encourage your students to look at the catalog on our Internet Explorer default page for books. The Nashville Public Library and the West End Library catalogs are merged on this same page. The location of the books is clearly labeled. I will be happy to walk your students through the process. Just name a time and or in your classroom. Shouldn't take more than 10-15 minutes.

Database Contest Continues....

Because of the lost snow days, several librarians requested an extension of the Database contest through the end of this week, and we are doing it! Students and teachers may complete the form found on our website to enter the contest through Friday, Feb. 5. Remember: There is a student winner at EVERY middle and high school! There will be 1 teacher winner for each tier (middle and high).

Here is the database site:

Here is the contest site: