By: Quinn Kontely

From where are our relitives? [country, continent]

They are from Slovenia and it is located in southern central Europe it is on the Adriatic sea. It borders Italy to the west Austria to the north, Croatia to the south and southeast and Hungary to the northeast.

What langage did your relives speak?

My relatives Slovenian.

Does any one in your family still speak the langage?

Yes my grandma does.

What jobs did your relitives have?

Priest , missionary , and farmer.

How long has our Family been in the United States?

Since the 1900's.

Why did your family come over to america?

To get a better living and to make more money.

What are our family triditions?

We eat killbasi.

Do you eat any kind of special foods?

We eat killbasi , and patiza.

Do we have any things in our home?

We have a flag , and I have a key chain on my backpack , we have a cookbook , wind chimes , and photographs.

Fun facts

kocoya means how are you

it use to be part of Yugoslavia

and dobreutro means good morning

Slovenian National Anthem - "Zdravljica" (SL/EN)