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Dec 2017 - Vol. 7 Issue 1

Thinking BIG For Our Children

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Tis' the season! Our holiday party was a great way to end a long and exciting year at CYCSI. We spent the last day of after school, preceding Winter Break, watching performances, eating food, and dancing with our students. They were all seated in the gymnasium where they were given snacks and watched their fellow students perform. Our kids worked diligently to prepare for this event, and showcased their projects worked on to date. We were blessed to see a spectacular singing performance by the Kindergarteners, and multiple step and dance performances. Afterwards, everyone was served food and students were able to dance for the remainder of the party. Before they left, each student received their long awaited secret santa gift in front of the backdrop. Everyone had a blast and seemed to love giving gifts just as much as receiving them.

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Christmas Carolers

Thank you to the girl scouts who visited us on a Friday evening to sing Christmas carols. They surely lifted our Christmas spirit, and we appreciated the gesture. We would like to wish them a Happy Holidays and encourage to continue spreading Christmas cheer.

Costume Party 2017

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This year’s costume party was as frightening as it could be, in the best way possible of course. Our yearly event took place in the gym which was transformed into a spooky playground for the students. They were given an opportunity to dress up in costumes of their choice, although the theme for the event was superheroes. There were a large variety of costumes and hope we captured them all.
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“The party was very fun. I like the music that was played. The music was very creative. We got to dance and have fun. The pizza was very tasty and the snacks were good but I didn’t get to eat enough candy. All of the costumes were awesome but someone was wearing the same costume as me! The dancing was fun and I got to dance to Thriller. It was delightful.” -Savannah Saloman, 3rd Grade
“The Halloween Party was fun. There were lots of snacks and you were able to walk around and collect candy. There was music and people dancing. Also, the step and dance clubs performed very well. Overall, I had a good time.” -Peri Smith, 5th Grade

Happy Birthday!

We would like to wish all students and staff members who celebrated their birth these past winter months a Happy Birthday! We hope they enjoyed their special day and wish them many more to come.

Afterschool Begins

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The CYCSI after school program is underway at PS 176. Beginning at 2:30pm, Monday through Friday, students come down to the cafeteria to enjoy snack and socialize with friends. After snack they clean up and relocate to their classrooms or spaces. They use the remaining time to complete homework and request any assistance they may need. After a student’s homework assignment is complete, it is checked by a staff member and corrected if necessary. After their homework is completed and checked, the students work on their multiplication tables, read and reflect, or complete a project of the staff member's choice. The program concludes at 6:00pm so parents should plan to arrive by then to pick up their children.


CS & Tech

  • “I plan on teaching them basic computer science and the fundamentals of using computers. I would like to expose them to coding and the growing technology field as much as I can.” -Darrien Hunt, Computer Science & Tech Club Activity Specialist

  • “I love this club because we complete fun and challenging activities and it helps me learn about computers and also tests our prior knowledge." -Noah Saloman, 5th Grade

Arts and Crafts

  • “We plan on working on seasonal Art projects and learning how create creative things on your own.” -

  • “I get to do many things in this club and express myself in different ways. I wanted to try something new and I enjoy it.” -Ashley McClymont, 5th Grade


  • “I plan on teaching them various forms of Engineering such as chemical engineering and working with simple machines.” -Christele Felix, Engineering Activity Specialist
  • “Ms. Christele is a great engineering teacher and she allows us to complete cool projects. I like science and engineering a fun type of science.” -Katiya Thompson, 5th Grade


  • "I hope to teach my students that discipline is the bridge between though and accomplishment, and that you need discipline in order to succeed. I like to teach step because it's a way of expressing myself through the Arts." -Xeria Davis, Step Club Activity Specialist
  • "I like step because it helps me to exert energy and I enjoy being active and jumping around." -Aaliyah King, 5th Grade


"I plan on focusing more on Soccer as the students really enjoy this sport. I like to teach sports because I'm an active person and I like seeing kids learn and progress."

-Baruch, Sports Club Activity Specialist

"I like sports club because it's educational even thought some think it's not. It teaches you about new sports and how to play them." -Huntley Swaby, 5th Grade


It’s the time of the year where families and friends gather to celebrate everything they’re thankful for. Everyone is surely excited to eat delicious foods, and spend time with relatives, but it shouldn’t be forgotten everything we love and appreciate. The 4th grade students this year created a project that showed exactly what each student was thankful for. Each student was required to write five things they were thankful for on a hand made with construction paper, to be placed on the “Tree of Thanks”. We’re sure it was quite difficult to choose only five things they were thankful for. Some students also wrote marvelous pieces sharing the things they were thankful for:
“I am thankful for trees growing tall, flowers smelling well, and some things so hard to describe I couldn’t even tell. I am thankful for the abilities of talking, dancing, singing, having fun with family and friends, and even listening to the annoying phone ringing. I’m thankful for helping others and others helping me, watching everyone live so joyfully. I am thankful for Jesus, God, and all life as well, life is so awesome, can’t you tell? This is what I’m thankful for and so much more, I feel so alive when I open up my door.” - Elise Silva - 4th Grade
“Thanksgiving is coming up and I am so thankful for many things. I am thankful for being alive. Also, I am thankful for having a family that cares for me. Another thing I am thankful for is being able to go to school and get an education so I can become smarter. Finally, I am thankful for having a home that I could live in because some people don’t have one.” - Kyle Thomas - 5th Grade
"I am thankful for my education. I am thankful for my parents and family. I am thankful for my shelter. I am thankful for food and water to eat everyday. I am thankful for my friends. I am thankful for being healthy." -C’yanna Chambers, 4th Grade

Our Children…Truly Amazing

2016/17 marks our 8th year of operation! In September 2009 we launched PS 176 Afterschool Program. As I reflect on the past seven years, the capabilities of the children continue to inspire me in Thinking BIG. Whether they are acting, dancing, painting, sewing, playing a game, coding, building a robot or proudly showcasing their completed science projects, they are truly amazing.

I am appreciative of the many hours the community expended developing quality programs exposing students to new experiences. As a result, our service offering expanded to include Spring/Winter Break programs, Summer Camp and Community Service Learning/Job Readiness programs enabling us to continue “Thinking BIG for Our Children”.

Last year we introduced our documentary "We're Going to College Phase 1: Early Career Discovery" as part of our Five Year Jobs of the Future Initiative. We focused on the importance of assessing interests and skill sets of children at the elementary age to determine possible career options. This year, Phase II, the documentary highlighted Career Readiness and Alternatives to College.

Washington D.C.

Our first trip to Washington D.C. was a memorable experience. Congressman Meeks' office assisted us in securing the approval of our visit. Students were thrilled to explore another part of the country and witness new and exciting wonders. We saw many remarkable landmarks and sites including The Treasury Building, White House and Supreme Court Building, toured the Capitol and Museum of African American History and Culture. Students interacted with many exhibits educating them on the historical trials and tribulations of African Americans. Some of the amazing attractions included Black Lives Matter, Mapping Hip Hop in the Bronx, Mexico City Olympic Protest, Image Power Ebony Magazine, Sports and Power of Place: Angola Prison Cell.

UniverSoul Circus

Congratulations to our wonderful and talented students who successfully auditioned and performed at the UniverSoul Circus on April 25th at Baisley Park. The Theme of the performance, chosen by UniverSoul was “Kids Lives Matter”. The owner of UniverSoul Circus is passionate about highlighting the positivity of youth and dedicated the show to bring awareness to “Kids Lives Matter”. The performance was a combination of step, spoken word, and dance directed by Eric Normil-Mendez, Media Activity Specialist, Jasmine Warren, Dance Instructor, and Tiaura Nyla Townsley, Theater/Step Activity Specialist. Our star students who performed include Aniya Campbell, Actor, Dominque Jerome, Actor, Olanna Iwu, Actor, Noel Boone, Actor, Lemaj Engleton, Step, Rashad Townsley, Step, Malakai Pearson, Step, Mikhail Pearson, Step, Ryan Harvey, Step, Jasmine Davis, Dance, Mackenzie Breg, Piano,/Dance, Jennah Pickering, Dance, Elise Silva, Dance, Victorya Fentress, Dance, Damiyah Hilton, Dance, Ashley McClymont, Dance, Osazeme Ekhator, Dance, Jolie White, Dance, Savanah Salomon, Dance Taylor Thompson, Dance, Amiyah Dacosta, Dance.

Kennedy International Tour Sponsored by The FAA

The FAA, Federal Aviation Administration sponsored students to tour Kennedy International Airport. Students experienced the panorama of planes arriving and departing from the Control Tower. Then they tested their piloting skills via the flight simulator. After experimenting with the flight simulator students visited the Emergency Division and saw the big yellow emergency vehicles and met a member of the Canine Unit. They witnessed a demo of the canine detection dog at work, searching and finding narcotics. The students enjoyed being exposed to careers such as Airport Traffic Controllers, Administrative positions in the Air Traffic Control Department and K9 Trainer.

Google CS First

Over the summer, we participated in a special Coding Workshop hosted by Google at P.S. 15 and sponsored by New York State Assembly Women Alicia Hyndman. The workshop entitled "Google CS First" is designed to teach students the basics of coding using “Scratch”. We now continue to use the service in our Computer Science and Technology Club.


One the the students' most enjoyable parts of our summer program, was nonetheless the trip to Adventureland. They were able to enjoy numerous amusement park rides, carnival games, and water slides. The students filled the park and departed into groups with their friends to explore the various activities. The rides ranged from slow and steady water rides to lightning fast, thrilling roller coasters. They also played games and won prizes.

CYCSI Employee Awards

At our early September staff training, as we do on a yearly basis, we awarded our best summer staff performers for their excellence. Our awards were divided into two categories, Best Booth and Creative Concepts. The Culminating Event gives our staff a chance to showcase what they’ve worked on with the students during the Summer Program. Their efforts are displayed through their booth design, decorated with all their completed projects, in addition to any performances that may wish to conduct. This year’s winners truly showed brilliance in the eyes of fellow staff members and the management team.

Best Booth Award: Engineering Club w/ Christelle Felix & Gedler Jean-Pierre

This year’s best booth at the summer Culminating Event was constructed by the Engineering Club. It was the most popular by students due to its interactivity. Ms. Christelle Felix and Mr. Gedler Jean-Pierre gave the students the opportunity to make slime, in what seems to be their new favorite activity. Students lined up to make slime with the staff members in front of their parents. Many students were already familiar with the technique and didn’t require much assistance. This however, was not the only activity the engineering club team had prepared. Another section was created for a live demonstration of coding for the parents to view.

Creative Concepts Award: Music Club w/ Taj Johnson

Mr. Taj has always been a foundational piece within our organization. Every year he finds a way to outdo himself, and this year he’s done it with an exclamation point. Mr. Taj worked tirelessly to construct and orchestrate a musical piece performed by our students that blew all spectators away.

We also treasure our community partners: Mrs. Bartlett and P.S. 176 staff, UPS, Home Depot, Girls Scout, NYPD, NAACP, FAA, Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology, La Guardia College, Queensborough Community College, Cambria Heights Academy, Institute for Health Professionals High School, Saint Frances Prep High School and Youth & Tennis Academy for providing funding, human resources and programs that enhanced our Out of School Time Service Menu.

Senator Leroy Comrie, District 14, Councilman Daneek Miller, District 27, Congressman Gregory W. Meeks, 5th District, we look forward to your continued support!

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