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Most Reliable Elementary Newspaper, December Edition

Students Close out 2015 with Another Great Issue, By Mrs. Blackwelder and Mrs. Register

We are very proud of what our newspaper staff has accomplished in this first semester of school. Our writers have worked hard to bring you a variety of news, sports, comics, advice, and even some holiday how-tos. After a well-deserved break, our FES Falcon staff will be back with another fantastic issue in January! See you in 2016!

Pajama Day, By Jennifer E.

It’s that time of year were it start to get cold and everyone wants to stay in bed. This is why at Fairforest we have Pajama Day. Pajama day is a time to have fun and have lots of giggles and laughs with friends. On this day we had hot chocolate, sometimes watch movies, and read books. We have lots of fun. You get to wear your favorite Pajama and favorite slippers. Pajama day is also time to read but instead we could sit on the carpet. We watch movies like The North Pole. One of the activities we did was the build a chair for Goldilocks. We used dots and toothpicks. It seemed easy but it was a bit hard. We were all successful but then it got harder and, we had to put blocks to see if our chair was strong enough to hold weight. I think it was very fun and great to learn about engineering. We had so much fun and enjoyed our time reading.

Clemson Football, By Anna Kate S.

Do you watch college football? Well I do and Clemson is number one! This is the first time in years, but we are undefeated. I bet all Clemson fans are so happy we beat Gamecocks. It was easy because they weren’t even ranked. The Gamecocks played a good game. We only beat them by five points. Clemson is 12-0 and Gamecocks 3-9. That means we haven’t lost any games and they have won 3 games and lost 9 games. So who do you think is a better team? Clemson or the Carolina Gamecocks? Clemson plays Alabama next but, on New Year’s we play Oklahoma.

Scorekeepers Podcast, By Hunter C. and Trace L.

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Christmas Craft, By Dakota L.

One of my favorite crafts to do at Christmas is a Santa Okra and this is how you make it. What you will need is

. A dried okra pod

. White paint


.Red paint

Now when your okra pod has dried out (it will take a couple weeks to dry out. You also need to put it outside to dry) paint a face on your okra (a face that looks like Santa). Then paint the rest of it red and the end white and there your Santa is made! Then you poke a hole in the top of the okra and the take string and put it through the whole the tie the string and then you have an ornament!

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Building in the world of Minecraft! By Kassidy T.

Have you ever heard of Minecraft? I joined because I have never played before. It’s all about being creative and it’s not all about racking up points. We also build! Minecraft is a world of imagination were kids can be themselves. We all need to do that. Minecraft club is pure awesomeness! What we are working on now are Christmas specials like Santa’s work shop, reindeer playground, and an elf training ground! My friends and I are building a Santa’s work shop. Minecraft is cool join us today! We have a pretty long waiting list. That’s what I have to say about Minecraft.

Clemson/Carolina Reading Challenge, By Rebecca R.

For the Carolina vs Clemson reading challenge, you had to read 6 books and write the title and the author name. Then your teacher had to sign the paper. Then your name was sent to the State Department. Every kid in South Carolina who participated was put in a drawing. Then they picked two kids, one for Carolina and the other for Clemson. They won four tickets for the game. We would like to thank everyone who participated in the reading challenge. Unfortunately nobody from our school won but we are proud of everyone.

Classroom Technology: Padlet, By Kamira H.

Have you ever done a Padlet? On Padlet we type about stuff that we learn in class. We write about study guides and subjects. I don’t do Padlet very much, but I still like to do it because Padlet helps you learn more about what you are learning in class. I have done Padlet on Sarah Morton, explorers, Emily Geiger, Samuel Eaton and many other things. Padlet is very helpful because if you don’t know something Padlet can help you out by reading what other people write.


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Holiday Advice from Dear Ruby

Dear Ruby, my boyfriend is ready for stage 2 (That is giving gifts and Face timing each other) but I am NOT!!!! Help!

Your Friend, J.

Well J., Just talk to him! Just be like “Bro. I love you but we need to slow down! Calm down! Chill! Take it slow Bro! After all he will be like “Kay Girl! Love You!”

Signing off, Ruby.

Pajama Day, By Julia E.Y.

Before Pajama Day~

A bunch of teachers and students love pajama day! This is a day where you can wear your pajamas to school! Pretty amazing but I want to know more like “How long have we done Pajama Day?”, “Why do we do Pajama Day?”. There are so many things I want to ask and learn!

After Pajama Day~

I found out that we have been doing Pajama Day for more than five years! We do Pajama Day for reading. Some classes get read to by somebody. Other classes can get hot chocolate and cookies! Did you have fun on Pajama Day?

Christmas Games, By Norma R.

I have found a Christmas game. It’s really fun and it’s called The Elves’ Game Chest . It’s probably going to be for 5k through 2nd grade. I like this game because it includes counting money , word search, trim the tree, build a snowman, coloring book, and telling time. The way to get in this Christmas game is to go to Google Chrome and search


Goldilocks STEM Challenge, By Zach F.

On Tuesday We did a challenge called the Goldilocks challenge.You build a new chair for Goldilocks (a stuffed animal) using 16 toothpicks and 8 gumdrops.It has to stand for 10 seconds, then you have to add weights to it until it breaks.The hard part about this challenge is choosing a structure that can hold weight. I learned that the square with supports on top and bottom is the best structure.This challenge is to help solve problems and work together in a group.
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Horizons Trip, By Emmalyhn B.

In 5th grade the Horizon students went on a field trip. The field trip was taken to a museum called the SC State Museum, 301 Gervais St. When we went on the field trip on October 13, 2015. We did a lot of different activities. We also saw how the people in the subway worked very hard. It was showing us what the people wore, what the people did, and how hard it was for them to pull the metal. We also saw what the people were wearing in 1800 and 1900. It was awesome to be in the museum. We actually saw the model of the megalodon!!! IT WAS HUGE!!!! What I suggest you to do is go to the museum. Trust me you will love it.

Fourth Grade Presents Christmas Program, Photo By Dakota L.

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What You Should Know Before Getting a Dog for Christmas, By Damien S.

These are things that MY dog did and it seemed ridiculous

7 things you should know BEFORE getting a dog:

1. If you’re getting a girl dog be prepared for BABIES

2. Make sure your dog has LOTS of food and water. OR ELSE IT WILL DIE!!!!!!!!!

3. DON’T let your dog destroy your house. (Or the deck.)

4. Let it be free whenever it wants. Otherwise, it will run away!

5. Don’t let your dog climb on the table.

6. Don’t let it use the bathroom in the cage. It might stink.

7. Don’t let it get wet OR dirty. You don’t want a dirty house trust me.

Santa Shop: Photo By Dakota L.

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