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The Midnight Rainbow SMP is a strikingly beautiful cornucopia of paisleys and sugar skulls ornamented with some artistic fine details, all intricately woven together in vibrant medley of pretty rainbow colours. It is woven, sewn and all packaged here in the north of the United Kingdom.

Reviews of the midnight rainbow SMP woven wrap

Our midnight rainbow prototypes/tester wraps have been put through a testing process by our amazing team of tester babywearing mums from different countries namely Sweden, The Netherlands, Canada, Malaysia, US and the UK. You will find all the reviews of the midnight rainbow here.
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Behold the exciting new Midnight Rainbow woven wrap
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Review by Gina, United States

My kids loved touching the wrap, and I caught them snuggling with it more than once. While it feels softer than my other Joy & Joe wraps, the double sateen weave structure seems just as sturdy and durable, and I was able to comfortably carry my son for long periods of time. The “odd side” has a more textured feel to it, while the “right side” has a sleeker, less pronounced texture. I would consider either side gender-neutral.

This wrap is versatile, but I think it works best with jeans and casual clothes--although the “odd side” offers a bit more sophistication. I didn’t expect to love the colors on the “right side” since I usually go for more neutral colors; however, this is a rainbow that stands out with its vibrant colors that shift and change with each carry.

In short, I think this is a wrap destined to get noticed wherever it goes. From the appealing SMP design to the fun, bright colors on one side and the darker rainbow that teases with its colors on the other side, this is a wrap that will appeal to the whole family!

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