Antonio Vivaldi

Baroque Period

About vivaldi and family

Born:March 4 1678 in Venice, Italy

Died: July 28 1741 in Vienna , Austria

Nickname: il Prete Rosso (Red Haired Priest)

Mom Name: Camilla Calicchio

Dad's Name: Giovanni Battista Vivaldi

Early Life

Antonio Lucio Vivaldi father was a professional violinist who also taught Vivaldi how to play which got Vivaldi into music. Through his father, Vivaldi met and learned from some of the finest musicians and composers. His father saw his passion for music knowledge in his childhood days, which was why he decided to teach him violin. He had 5 younger sibling 3 sisters 2 brothers Cecilia Maria Vivaldi, Zanetta Anna Vivaldi, Bonaventura Tomaso Vivaldi, Margarita Gabriela Vivaldi, and Francesco Gaetano Vivaldi. As the eldest son Vivaldi was the priesthood of his family.

Talents and Compitisions

Even though he was a priest Vivaldi was a business man, like other composers he always dedicated his compositions to a member of the nobility in the hopes of getting something in return. His dedications featured flowery language and snobbish language.

Years Of Life

-In 1693 when he became 15 he started studying to become a priest

-At age 25 Vivaldi was named master of violin at the ospedale della pieta in venice.

-In 1715 he began started writing opera scores, about 50 of these scores remain.

-Vivaldi had a term, that he wrote from around 1717 to 1721, that he wrote his 4 part masterpiece the four seasons


As a young child Vivaldi suffered from many health issues. Problems arose around his upper body and he possessed symptons of asthma. Vivaldi was baptized twice one when he was born because when he was born he was weak and sick, so they baptized him afraid he was gonna die. He survived and 2 years later he was baptized by the parish priest.


-Famous pieces: Four seasons and Gloria

-He became a priest in 1703

-He worked at a girls school for many year

-Bach was a great fan of Vivaldi

-His music is often very bright and cheerful

-He was a very good violin player

-He made lots of money in his life but died very poor

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Four Seasons ~ Vivaldi
musica intima & Pacific Baroque Orchestra - Vivaldi's Gloria