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April 2022

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We kicked off testing season with a fun SPIRIT WEEK! The festivities included dress up days, scavenger hunts to prepare & an assembly! Thank you to all who participated.

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Ethan Lisac

Always follows the gator way. Always participates in class discussions. Is kind to other students.

-Mr. Marana

Damien Powell

Damien is one of the nicest people that I know. He is very considerate of the feelings of other students, he's caring, he's compassionate, and he is a hard worker. Damien is everyone's friend, and he even helps with Snack Attack. Damien definitely deserves a shout out! Way to go Damien!

-Mrs. Wilder

Hailey Jones & Delarrian Jennings

These students wrote and directed a play in our classroom about Emmett Till in only 2 days! They came prepared with scripts for everyone, props, and a detailed vision of how this play should be. They made sure to include many important details from the history of Emmett Till. They did great and the play was very entertaining! Ms. Whittleman, Mr. Tim and I were so impressed!

-Mrs. Hensley

Rhyan Bowman

Ryan is a very good student, as well as a very nice young man. I hope he keeps up his hard work and continues to model his excellent behavior.

-Mr. Sturdivant

Teagan Little

Teagan is alway prepared to do her best. No matter the subject, she participates and helps those around her. I am very proud of her!

-Mrs. Yeager

Tryston Blue

Tryston is a great student! He comes to school everyday ready to do his best! Keep up the great work!

-Mrs. Boyce

Luci Conrad

Luci is a very sweet and respectful young lady to her teachers and fellow classmates. She works very hard and completes all assignments. She shows care and concern for her own education.

-Mrs. Jordan

Lucy always has a positive attitude. She works hard in band and always encourages other students to do their best!

-Mrs. Caretta

Eli Prange

Eli is always making great choices. He does his best at everything he puts his mind to. He is very caring, helpful, and creative.

-Mrs. Yeager

Andrew Walk

Andrew always puts his best effort into his education here at Grigsby. Mrs. Ernst and I can always count on him to have his homework and supplies for each day. Andrew is a polite young man that we have enjoyed having in our classroom this year!

-Mrs. Rydgig

Alaina Hansen

Alaina is a very hard working student who is respectful and responsible. She comes to school every day prepared to learn and is willing to help others when they need help. Alaina is a pleasure to have in class.

-Mr. Cook

Mallory Holmes

Mallory is so much fun in class. She always has a huge smile on her face and really helps uplift the mood of the class. She has a great sense of humor along with being a super hard worker! I have loved having her in my class this year!

-Mrs. Elliff

Kevin Phan

Kevin is one of the hardest working kids I know. He goes above and beyond to learn our music content, even on his own time! I am extremely proud of what Kevin has accomplished.

-Mrs. Cowan

Edie Wallace

Edie demonstrates great creativity! She always tries her best and brings a cheery attitude to our classroom.

-Mrs. Cowan

Bruce Townzen

Bryce is a very thoughtful person. Each day we have band class Bryce says good morning when he arrives and tells us he "hopes we have a good day" when he leaves. Thank you to Bryce for for being a great person!

-Mrs. Derezotes

Ulices Villegas-Fernandez

Ulices is persistent when learning something new. Even when he wants to give up, he keeps working and asking questions until he understands. I hope he always keeps trying, even when things get challenging.

-Mrs. Roberds

Jonah Boone

Jonah is a joy to have in class! He always comes in prepared, listens the first time something is asked, and is very respectful to me as well as his peers.

-Ms. Sutphin

Elizabeth Flynn

Elizabeth is a very sweet girl. She always comes in with the goal to make me laugh. She always completes her work to the best of her abilities, and is very driven.

-Ms. Sutphin

Ambrielle Herrin

Ambriellle is an extremely sweet girl who always comes in with a big smile on her face. She does a great job in class, and always asks to help her peers and I in her spare time.

-Ms. Sutphin

Da'shun Prater

Da’shun is a very kind boy who tries his best with everything he does. He is very much a class clown, and likes to make his classmates laugh. Overall, he is just a great student to have in class! -Ms. Sutphin

Kiera Ruby

Kiera is a wonderful student that always applies all of her effort into everything she does. She always asks to assist me with anything I need, like putting graded work into mailboxes, and she is always thinking of others. - Ms. Sutphin

Hayden Dotson

Hayden always gives 100% efforts in everything - school work, character, and practicing the Gator Way. She never hesitates to ask a question to make sure she is on the right track. Hayden goes out of her way to be a good friend to everyone. We would all agree that we are very lucky to have Hayden a part of our class in room 603!

-Mrs. Hart

Alex Villar Huerta

Alex is a great kid! He always comes to school prepared and ready to work. He is always willing to help and is a great role model for the other students.

-Mrs. Sykes

Ian Moran & Elizabeth Flynn

They were excellent during testing and follow the Gator way!

-Mrs. Sholl

Lauren Willaredt

Lauren is amazing! She is always focused and follows directions. Lauren is constantly positive, even in competitive situations. She absolutely shows her best effort each and every day in the gym!

-Mrs. Davis

Autumn Browning

Autumn Browning is a shining star! She works incredibly hard and always gives her very best effort, going above and beyond in the classroom. She is an all-around great kid and I'm glad to have her in my class.

-Mrs. Stepanek

Jessica Spicer

Jessica is an outstanding student. She puts forth her best effort everyday. She is a delight to have in my class.

-Mrs. Meador


Ms. Elliff

SHe is the nicest and most hard working teacher. She gives us many opportunities to make up what we owe her.

-Jamar Jenkins Jr.

Mrs. Mueller

She is sweet and really helpful in getting our grades up.


She is an amazing teacher. She tries her best to help with work or if you feel sad she is so nice. She is the best.


Mrs. Jordan

She is nice and she helps everyone. She gives us work that helps us with our homework.


I love her. She has helped me everyday.


She is an amazing teacher. She tries her best to help with work or if you feel sad she is so nice. She is the best.


She helped me a lot last year.


She helps us learn in fun ways.


Mrs. Sykes

Thank you for taking me to school.


Mrs. Whittleman & Mrs. Hensley

They are kind, caring, and they make sure you are okay if you look sad.


Mrs. Hart

I am shouting her out because she helps us learn and she lets no negative things in our classroom.


Mrs. Blue

She is very nice and kind.


She is kind, caring, and cool to us. She is a great person in general.


Ms. Sutphin

Best teacher, no doubt. I'll miss her when I leave for 7th. She helps us out with a lot of things and helps us when we don't understand something. She is always extremely patient with us.


She does a lot for us.


She is an amazing teacher and will take her time to help you.


She is kind, caring, responsible, thinks of others and how they are doing in life. She listens to us and gives second chances.


She is respectful to everyone and she is so kind.

#girlboss #greateststeacher


Mrs. Davis

She is very nice and she has us work out and teaches us how to keep ourselves healthy. She has helped me grow since being in her class.


Even though she likes to torture us, her games are fun and she is nice.


Mrs. Keen & Mrs. Villalobos

They make sure we are getting the right notes out and they are really caring. I have learned so much about music from them.


Ms. Cotter

She is very kind and tries so hard to kill it during her first year.


Mrs. Roberds

She tries to understand us.


Mrs. Wilder

She has helped me through my school year, and I am lucky to be in her class.


She is the best teacher and helps us with everything.


Mrs. Batson

She takes care of the school and we are grateful for her!


Mrs. Cowan

She really cares about her students.


1. She's nice 2. She jokes with us a lot 3. Most of the assignments she gives us are easy and/or fun


Mrs. Bamert

She does a lot for our class and she makes time to let us have fun.



Daily, lunch monitors give a Golden Star to each class that follows all cafeteria expectations. On Friday, all stars are put into a bucket and a 5th and 6th grade winner is drawn.


April 4: Treat during lunch

April 11: Choose your seat at lunch

April 19: Class movie party

April 26: Pajama Day

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