Unbreakable Earphones?

Buy Some Now!

How Are They Made?

These Unbreakable Earphones are irresistible! They are made with the usual design, but unlike other types of earphones, these earphones have a plastic barrier over the entire wire. Also, the part of the earphone that goes in your ear has a nice rubber material that will NOT hurt your ear in any sort of way.

How Much?

These earphones are $70.00 if ordered online, in stores they are $90.00. They also have free shipping if ordered online.

Where Do You Get Them?

You can order these earphones online at www.unbreakingearphones.com and get free shipping. You can also get these earphones at Wal-Mart, RadioShack, GameStop, and BestBuy. All of these stores are very organized and helpful.

Who Can Assist Me With Help?

Any worker at a store, we also have a customer service number and section on our website.

Where Else Are These Advertised?

These are also advertised on TV commercials, and celebrity endorsements.
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