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Horizon Elementary

From the Desk of Mr. Novotny

April 1, 2016

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Classroom placement at Horizon Elementary is a team effort involving the classroom teachers, parents, specialists, and principals. In an effort to provide the best education possible, Horizon staff will consider the class size, ratio of boys to girls, student abilities, special needs, and personalities of students and teachers. After consideration of all of the factors listed above, the principal will be responsible for making the final assignment. To help us determine optimum class placement for your child, you have the opportunity to provide us specific input. Forms will be mailed out the week of April 11th. If you have input on your child(ren) and you did not receive a form in the mail please stop by the front office for a copy. Please return the form to the school office no later than Friday, April 15th for consideration. Input received on or before the 15th will be given careful consideration as the teams meet to discuss placement.

Requests for specific teachers will not be accepted.

Steve Novotny


Second Semester Attendance

Being at school every day and being on time are of utmost importance. The Boise School District follows the State of Idaho's requirements that maintain all students must be in school 90% of the time. This only allows for a maximum of 9 absences per semester.

The school district requires that we send attendance letters after the 5th, 8th and 10th absence. These letters are a reminder of how many days your child has been absent. If you receive a letter after the 10th absence, you will need to contact the office.

Students who go beyond the 9 absences may be subject to Attendance Court. If you have reason to exceed the 9 days due to illness or other family matters please contact the school office and we will do our best to work with you. If your child is absent for consecutive days, it helps if we have doctors’ notes specifying the entire period of absence.

We understand the occasional tardy, however, anything over 5 tardies per semester is considered habitual. Students may arrive at school at 8:15 am and school starts promptly at 8:45 am. Any student arriving after 8:45 am will be counted tardy. We value your education and want you to have a successful second half of the school year; you can do this by committing to being on time to school.

We thank you for your attention to this matter.

Literacy Corner

Literacy Corner – April 2016

Words of Encouragement

Remember, your job is to help your child become a better reader. Everybody likes to be recognized for

doing a good job. Here are some ways that you can help your child become a better reader and

recognize her hard work. Think about what your child did to figure things out.

1) If she used the pictures, then say…

2) If she was sounding out the words, then say…

3) If your child fixed something all by herself, then you might say:

4) Even if your child makes a mistake, there are still things you can say to help.

 I liked the way you used the pictures to help you figure that out.

 I liked the way you used the sounds at the beginning of the word or at the end of the

word to help you.

 Super job, you fixed that all by yourself.

 You knew that wasn’t quite right so you:

 Used the pictures to help.

 You went back and read it again.

 You read past the word you didn’t know and then went back again to fix it.

 That was a good try. It does begin like that, but…

 You made a good guess. That would make sense, but the word is…

 You almost worked it out all by yourself.

 Let me help you.

Praise gives you child confidence.

Dr. Mary McGuire

Reading Specialist

Third Annual Daddy-Daughter Dance (Capital High School)

Capital High School will host a Daddy-Daughter Princess Ball on April 9th from 7-9 pm. It will be held in the Capital Main Gym and will cost $ 5.00 per person. Any student in grade K-6th is welcome to attend.

PTO Volunteers Needed!

The following PTO board members terms will be up at the end of the 2015-16 school year. We are desperately in need of the following:

Board President

Vice President (Fundraising Chair)


  • Our current meeting times are from 3:30-4:30 but times could be adjusted for the 2016-17 school year.
  • PTO typically facilitates 2 events and teacher appreciation.

This year alone the PTO has raised approximately $ 8,000 to support the students and staff at Horizon. These funds have been used for classroom supplies, Character Breakfast, and to help off set the cost of Wagon's Ho. Please consider being a part of this valuable organization. If you have questions in regards to the expectations or time commitments for the open board positions, please contact Ashlee Reed at horizonelementarypto@gmail.com.

Please join us on the third Thursday, April 7th from 3:30-4:30 in the Horizon library to learn more about PTO.

Just for Kids

JFK is Open for Summer Break!

Where has the time gone? Summer break will be here before you know it! Horizon JFK will be open this summer and has a ton of things planned to help pass the time this summer!

We plan on doing a lot of fun activities that are all based on our weekly themes. We will enjoy Mythical Creatures, The Wild West, LEGOS!, Mad Science, Outer Space, and Camping—just to name a few. Each week has a different theme that incorporates life skills, fun, and learning.

We also plan on going on TWO field trips a week. Including: Swimming @ Ivy Wild Pool each Wednesday and going to Wahooz, Babby Farms, Planet Kid, Powell’s Sweet Shoppe, Big Al’s, Nerfed, Settler’s Park, and the Boise Watershed! All field trips are included in your tuition! A morning and afternoon snack are also included in your tuition, and from June 27 through July 29 there will be free breakfast and lunch served in the Horizon cafeteria.

At JFK, we will do science projects, test our cooking skills with many edible creations, plenty of art projects, read, enjoy math, and maximize our time in the sunshine!

You can enroll by visiting the Boise School District website at www.boiseschools.org. Hover over the Parents and Patrons link and then click on the Just For Kids link under the Programs and Services heading. Follow the instructions in the On-line Pre-Registration Application box on the lower left hand side of the page to get your child enrolled for a summer full of fun and excitement!!!

Summer enrollment begins on April 15th!!! Sign up now to reserve your spot!!!!

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