World Studies

Newsletter 7th September 2015

Hope the end of last week went well for everyone! It was a hectic start but everyone seemed to be working really well and classes were getting on with their learning.

A word on themes...

Remember to use the themes and what we're all focusing on - it's designed to create cognitive links between the subjects to improve their knowledge.

Year 6 - Africa

Year 7 - Dying Earth

Year 8 - Asia

Ask them what the know and how it relates in lessons and if they give you great knowledge give them the vivos they deserve!


Ros is coordinating the displays in the area - these need to be completed by next Friday (11th) as well as rooms being up to the standards sent out by KFE.

Open Evening!

Get thinking about Open Evening, we'll be discussing it in the W.S. meeting next Friday! We'll be working in subject teams to deliver this. There is a Culture vs. Stem competition for this - lets make sure we win.


Remember to send any examples of great student work to BDA so they can be displayed on our Twitter account @BLCWorldStudies - this is a great opportunity to show off what we're doing as a department.

World Record Holder!

This is where I'll be highlighting any great practice I've seen over the previous week!

This week's World Record Holder is Aaron for getting T.B. and J.W. for (most probably) their first R1s of the year!

Important Dates

8th September

  • Head of Subject analysis sent to BDA.

9th September

  • Learning walks and book checks start under current T&L policy.

11th September

  • Exam analysis submitted by BDA.
  • Displays completed through W.S.
  • Ideas for subjects sent to BDA for BLC Fayre ideas.

21st September

A quality marked book for MAL.

25th September

DRAFT Assessments FULLY completed for Year 11 and Year 8 in time for the Assessment Review Meeting (8:40).