Gen. Joe Dunford, Jr.



  • He earned his cominision the month of his college graduation. He is a graduate of theUnited States Army War College , Ranger school and the Amphibious Warface School
  • People decribe him as a loyal person and no nonsence
  • His dad served in the military and was a commander
  • Never leave anyone behind olways try to keep them going and never dive up. It demonstrates through the way he ascted while he served



  • The way his leadership inpacted people is because he has down the same thing they are going through and incourge the people that are serving
  • Leadership trait that i share are always tring to kepp on going and don't give up the way i will see these traits in the future is by being a commander in the airforce the most important trait would be loyalty because his guys would have to look up at him and follow there dudies
  • No they do not have to show all leaderships trait because some traits can be just right an you would not need to show more