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Wine and Spirit Education Trust

This organization that is also known as WSET is means to arrange all kinds of courses and exams for people who want to get in the field of wine and spirits. It was founded back in 1969 and it continues to have the headquarters in the UK. We are going to be explaining the mainly levels of the course and what kind of knowledge can be gained from each one that you take.

Level 1

The level 1 course is basically meant to help people learn the most basic information on the wine industry and all of the basic product knowledge that they will be able to use. This is an essential course to take and it will give you the chance to have a solid foundation for the following courses.

Then you will be given an introduction to the most basic skills in wine service and this will be ideal for anyone who wants to be involved in the industry. You need to get through the first course before you can take this one.

The last course in level 1 is meant for the understanding of the spirits industry in general and it should be able to prepare people for all of the important things related to the industry.

Level 2

This is a course that is going to provide a more specialized level of knowledge for anyone who wants to get involved in the wine and spirits industry with a truly in-depth grasp of the business. It can be ideal for consumers as well as those looking to work in the industry.

The following stage on the level 2 course is going to give you a chance to learn more about the spirits trade, wholesale and retail. This is also a course for people who want to learn more about spirits even if they are not part of the drinks industry.

Level 3

This level will be much more useful and helpful for people who do not speak English as their first language. The international higher certificate in wines and spirits is going to be available only through international WSET providers.

Level 4

This is an ideal certification that is going to be perfect for people who work in trade of wine and spirits and want to be able to expand their knowledge to food and beverage management.

Level 5

This one is meant to help the student reach a much higher level of efficiency in their evaluation and research analysis. This is only open to people who have received the level 4 certification, but it’s a very useful course to take.

Masters of Wine Training

Being able to take this specialized training is going to require that you have the level 4 diploma and it will allow you to bring your skills to the highest possible level. This is a very valuable training and certification to obtain for anyone who wants to be involved in the industries of wine and spirits. This is the ultimate level of education and knowledge in the wine industry.


Anyone who wants to take their profession in this industry seriously, is going to have to consider the importance of taking the Wine and Spirit education trust courses. This is the ultimate way to expand their business and their value as professionals in their field. This is the most essential and useful way to get things done properly in this line of work.

If you need more information on how you can take the courses, you can contact the official website and they will answer any questions you might have about their courses and global campus options.

WSET wine courses and certification offered in the United States, including NYC and Philadelphia. One of the best options for sommelier certification and training available.