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Issue 13: Tuesday, November 12, 2014

The Choices We Make

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I found this poem by accident, actually. As so often happens, I was looking for one thing online and found something else. Ah, the time-suck that is the internet!

As I read this poem, I realized I would have loved to share it with my 7th grade students. Not because I'm enamored with the writing, but because it has a message that I tried to share with them on a near daily basis. I wanted them to think about choices they made, the way they reacted to those circumstances of their lives that at times seemed so out of their control, and the way they chose to live and interact with one another. I always hoped they would realize the power they had when often they felt so powerless. It think that's where my passion for Social Emotional Learning began.

When I read it again, I thought of my own choices. Do my choices, in word and action, reflect my priorities? My beliefs? My character? Do I always choose to speak with good purpose and give others the benefit of the doubt? Am I choosing to speak courageously when it's appropriate, or listen openly when it's needed most? Am I choosing to find a solution, rather than admire the problem? Am I choosing to trust the process at times when I can't control what's happening? And am I choosing to let go when there's nothing else that can be done?

The conclusion that I've come to is that it's my choice, regardless of what is happening, how I view the world and where (and how) I choose to focus my energy. For today, after 4 hours of sleep, a headache, 2 full days of ELA committee work, and a sick kid, I'm choosing to be positive, open, and patient. I'm choosing to focus on everything that's going right, and on those people I am most grateful to have in my life. And if all else fails, I'll carefully and artfully choose some really colorful swear words. :-)

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