Friday Focus

Moreau Heights Elementary

November 24

Moreau Heights is a collaborative community focused on student growth with a commitment to excellence.

PBS lesson - What Does Respectful Body Language Look Like?

The PBS lesson this week focuses on Respectful Body Language. We want to help our students to understand how their body language communicates with others. Such an important skill and raising student awareness to the messages they may be sending inadvertently is an area we can work on.

Our Second Steps lessons this week will be focusing on Same and Different Feelings under the main skill of Empathy. See your resource for materials for your lessons.

Are you using Charger Cash to reinforce PBS expectations and Second Step skills?

- We want to use positive reinforcement to draw attention to what we want to see more of

- How do you make sure you are putting the focus where you want it?

- Are you remembering to use all your tools? Specific feedback? Charger Cash?

"You are a giant, yellow highlighter. Highlight behavior you want more of, and help children become aware of the many kind and helpful things they do each day."

Conscious Discipline -

As we all work to develop strategies to support students who are struggling emotionally, here are a two videos to help us with these skills to de-escalate.

The first video below is about developing Empathy, which is also tied to our Second Steps skills. This is a great 5 minute video to help us see the power of using empathy to help de-escalate a child.

The second video offers some specific steps or skills to use when a student is needing help to de-escalate or calm. Watch to see these steps in action!

1. Describe - "Your face is doing this. . .Your arms are doing this. . . Your feet are doing this. . . Your head is doing this. . . "

2. When student looks up, you download by using STAR breathing.

3. Name the feeling - "You seem. . . "

4. Acknowledge - "You wanted . . " or "You hoped . . . "

5. Option - "You have a choice. You can . . . or you can . . . Which is better for youj?"

Character Trait for November is Politeness

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Duties for the Week

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Calendar of Events

Monday, November 27

*Sue at District Data Teams training

*SSTs with Schell and McGeorge 10:00

*SSTs with Boeckman 11:00

*Tier 2 meeting 3:30

Tuesday, November 28

*Sue at District Data Teams training

*Inter-agency mtg for TG 9:00

*Inter-agency for MG 1:15

*Inter-agency mtg for TK 2:15

*Girls Basketball game 7:45 at MH

*Culver's Night for MH 5 - 8 p.m.

Wednesday, November 29

*Major Saver fundraiser Kick-off (link will be shared for viewing video in classroom)

*Parent mtg for JT 1:15 (Russler, James, Haugen, Spear)

Thursday, November 30

*Collaboration Day

*Literacy Night 5:30 - 7:00

*Boys Basketball Game at 5:45 at Cedar Hill

Friday, December 1

*5th grade trip to Salvation Army

*Parent mtg for RZ 12:00 (Bray, Haugen, Spear, James)

*Parent mtg for KH 2:15 (Reece, Haugen, Spear, James)

Monday, December 4

*Lunch with the Principal 11:30

*Literacy Team 3:30

*School Culture 3:30

Tuesday, December 5

*New Crew 7:00 a.m.

*Interagency for AH (Haugen, Bray, James, Gentry) 10:00

*Parent mtg for TO (Fleming, Haugen) 11:00

*Girls Basketball at Belair 5:45

Wednesday, December 6

*SST for EN 8:30 (Day, James, Haugen, Treat)

*District admin mtg 9 - 11

*IEP for NG (Haugen, Connelly, Humphreys, OT, PT) 1:15

Thursday, December 7

*Collaboration Day - PBS data focus

*Principal mtg 8 - 12

*Boys Basketball at Callaway Hills 5:45

Friday, December 8

*Sue out for day

FLUency Program

Charger families and staff will have the chance to participate in the FLUency program that provides people with thermometers that connect with a smart phone. This program will give families some basic information about how to respond based on a child's age and temperature.

There were 6000 schools that applied for the program, with 400 being selected. We are one of 50 in Missouri. How AWESOME is that?!

Information will be provided to families after Thanksgiving break and people can sign up on the app, to receive the free thermometer, until December 31.

Check out this video to see more about this exciting program:


1. You MUST enter grades in Parent Portal each week. Parents are tracking their child's progress using this method and expect YOU to keep them updated via the portal. Thank you for making sure this tool is effective for parents by updating by Tuesday of each week.

2. We need to make sure that students are using their iReady licenses for AT LEAST 45 minutes each week. In addition, make sure students are progressing through lessons - providing additional instruction as needed when students struggle.

Jay Pride Alive - grants available!

Attention JCPS teachers! Jay Pride Alive is doing it again! Follow the link below to submit information about a need in your classroom and you could score up to $500! Submissions are due by December 22. Presentations are in January.