AKA Andrea Cavalcanti


  • I was born on 1815 on 28 Rue de la Fontaine.
  • I was buried alive and rescued by Bertuccio.
  • He left me at an orphanage.
  • His sister-in-law, Assunta, claimed me.
  • I made some evil friends when I was 11.
  • Assunta treated me like the son of a prince.
  • However, I wanted money and came up with this great idea "Let's torture her, then she'll tell us were the money is!"
  • I murdered my mother and stole her money.
  • For some reason, I was imprisoned.
  • I and my friend Caderousse later escaped prison.


  • Theft
  • Murder
  • Impersonating people
  • Eating
  • Hiding in chimnies

Max Hays

Period 4

Bertuccio's predictions for Benedetto's future

Benedetto will probably spend the rest of his life in prison or be hanged.