My Trip To Stockholm, Sweden

My first experience in Sweden

When I first arrived in Sweden I noticed I fit into the culture nicely, as I met my host parents they shook my hand just like I was at home. Everyone else in the airport kept to them selves.

Language in Sweden

In Sweden they speak primarily Swedish, but they also know English fairly well from what they learned in school. It wasn't to hard to know what people were saying, but I did have to have my host family do the majority of the talking.


The weather in Sweden is very chilly; in July the weather averaged 64 degrees. I didn't mind because I like the cold, so it wasn't bad. winters are long and cold, while summers are short and pleasant. But summer's “midnight sun” makes the days long


Freedom of religion is guaranteed by the constitution. Most Swedes are members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church but rarely attend church services. My host family was Lutheran too they didn't attend church unless it was a special event.

Diet while in Sweden

While I was in Sweden I ate tons of meat and fish and cheese. With the meat and cheese I would usually have cucumber slices or potatoes.

My ticket to Sweden

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