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Should we build the Auburn? NO!!!

Why? Well, yes, its could store up to 2.5 million are feet of water. Yes, its could produce 150,000 kilowatts. Not only that, but we have the foundation set in since 1974, but even with all this, its still a bad idea to go pro with the dam.


A large reason against the auburn dam, is the cost. When this project started, it would have been $65 million, in 1958, The first proposal to the government was for $425 million, money the government refused to loan the money to Auburn. Today, the dam would cost $6 TO $10 billion. Yes billion with a B. With the money we don't have.
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August 1st, 1975, an earthquake erupts for Oroville. 41 miles away, standing at 6.5, the dam was built to withstand a 7.0 earthquake but preformed poorly in the 6.5. The fault the earthquake came from was pronounced inactive. If the dam was put in place, and a 7.0 earthquake came from another "inactive" fault, image damage and flooding and lives lost because we overlooked a fault.