Thinking it Through Production

By: Cassady Sawyers

My Journey Through College Thus Far

Joining a Sorority

One of my college experiences has been becoming a member of Gamma Phi Beta! This experience has changed me both as a student and an individual. I find I try harder in school due to having others counting on me to do well and enforcing study hours. Also I have made some true best friends and feel as though I belong at the Island University.
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Experiences and Conclusions

College has taught me to get work done and on time. I have learned I am a huge procrastinator. I would give incoming freshman advice to focus because is your path to a better future. My regret is that I didn't focus as hard as I should have in couple of my classes. Don't party as often as you want especially during the week, this will come back to bite you. In conclusion of my first semester as an Islander, I would say for the most part I did good in most of classes and maybe not as much in the beginning but I worked hard in the end and pulled everything around. Hope for next semester are to not procrastinate as much and to volunteer more.
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My View of College

College matters to me because I want to be independent for myself and I also want to seek a higher level of knowledge. My motivation for going to college was always my mother, she wanted me to better myself and not be stuck in an office job like she is where to dreads going to work everyday. My motivation has changed just on how I want this for myself as well! I want to have a career and degree that I can be proud of. My personal investment now in my education is that I want to have a rewarding career of rescuing and rehabilitating injured marine animals.
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What I Think About College

When I first came to college I honestly did not have many expectations, really I just wanted good classes and to be able to balance all things in life. I assumed I wouldn't do anything really at all besides focusing on college. I have come to learn to remember to have fun, these are supposed to be the best years of your life! Balancing is number one priority. I balance my friends, my sorority, my classes and my fun time. I keep in mind I'm here for school and to further my career but I also need to leave time for some dancing and good times.
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