My veiw on gun control

Gun Control Laws:

A study from the Brookings Institution Center counts 300 federal and state laws regarding the manufacture, design, sale, purchase, or possession of guns. I believe that if we enforce already existing gun control laws there would be no need for more restrictive gun control laws. Many law makers have stated that stricter gun control laws would not have prevented the rash of mass killings as of late in the United States. Many gun owners believe that new gun control laws on registration of gun ownership, clips over 10 rounds, and ammunition will lead to a national database of gun owners. Which could make it possible to use for the confiscation of all fire arms either by executive order or an amendment to the constitution.

Outlawing Of Guns

The Second Amendment guarantees the right of the people to keep and bare Arms, shall not be infringed. History tells us that governments that banned guns or had restrictive gun control laws used them against their own people. An example of that would be Adolf Hitler who disarmed the people of Germany and then sent millions of Jews to their death Outlawing guns would only hurt the law abiding citizens because then only criminals will have guns. They're not following the law so by outlawing guns your only making criminals more dangerous then they already are.


In May of 2013 there was a survey done and it says that 48 percent of criminals, admitted of avoiding doing a crime if they knew that the victim was armed. The Pew Foundation did a survey. They found out that 80% of of female gun owners and 79% of male gun owners feel safer with a gun then when they didn't have one. The NRA did a survey that showed that guns are used 2.5 million times for self defense a year. Remembering this quote " The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun".

Why Is The National Rifle Association important?

The NRA (National Rifle Association) is the largest lobbyist for the right of the American people to bare arms. They also offer gun safety and education classes that promote responsible gun ownership. The NRA says that it is a group of gun supporting us citizens who are trying to protect our second amendment rights from all who want to infringe on it. Please join us in our fight to keep guns part of our American life.