Morphology of a Frog

Warm-up Lesson

Use a web browser (Safari, Google, Chrome etc.) to go the url below or use an app to scan the QR Code below. Start Warm-up.

Go to web address below:

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Warm-up Directions

I can identify the Morphology of a Frog

1. Save the image below

(ipad users hint: hold finger on image, Save Image)

2. Use the EDUcreations app and import the image from your camera roll on your iPad or go to to load the image. You can record your work as you go. Be prepared to share your work when finished.

3. Label the following parts of the frog:

  • eye
  • head
  • nostril
  • trunk
  • tympanum
  • digit
  • front leg
  • belly
  • hind leg
  • web
  • webbed foot
Big image