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July Updates

Welcome to Lea's Rockin' Owls Team

If you are receiving this newsletter, then you are a part of Lea's Rockin' Owl. If you are unsure, contact your mentor or upline and they will help you understand your upline.

I am your Director and I am here to help you along your journey. We will work on our goals together. Stay tuned each month to for updates from me.

This newsletter is late for June and super early for July so I am combining them. There are so many amazing things happening this month, I didn't want to wait to make sure you had the information. I will be attending convention later this month so the August newsletter will surly ROCK!
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$1000 Club!

$1000.00 Club!! What's that?! It's a new CLUB that I started that you are automatically added to when you hit $1000pv for that given month. You don't have to do anything on your end except book jewelry bars and sell, sell, sell!

Once you hit $1000pv in the back office I add you to the Club and send out a special charm for that month as my gift to you for joining!

For those that join from now till the end of the month, check you mailbox for a cute little envelope from me!

Congrats! Continue working your business and slingin' those lockets! Just think...you can have a debt-free Christmas for your family with Origami Owl profits!

July $1000 Club Members so far are

--early in the month-- you have time to get on this list!!!

and we have 1 person who are already over $600. You have 22 days left to join the club!

Announcements Posted in FB Lea's Rockin' Owls Group!

1) FACEBOOK! I know not all of us have a FB, but you may want to consider opening one just to be added to our group page! The information on that page is invaluable! Also, the positivity, motivation, and excitement should not be missed! I am so blessed (daily) to have such an amazing group!!

2) Our team finished June with $41,872.60 in CTV (Central Team Volume). We have 633 designers on team: Lea's Rockin' Owls. This is one of our lowest months we have had in over a year. I know summer is hard, but we must push through and get ready for an amazing fall. What you to day will how an affect on your business in 90 days. 90 days is October!!!

**Those of you who have not entered your $99 PV we want you to remain active each month and not be on the verge of being terminated.

**To remain a designer with ordering and discount privileges, you must have $199 in PV within 6 months. The next round of cuts will be May 1st and will continue on the first day of each month.

If you have been in longer than 6 months and have less than $199 PV, please submit orders this month to remain a designer. ($199 PV = approx $350 in retail sales)

3) Make sure you are going to O2 Lounge at least once a day to check for updates. Click on the O2 blog and "subscribe" to it. This is ensure you see all the updates from the nest.

4) If you just joined the Origami Owl family, we know you’re eager to start building your business! That’s why we put together this New Designer Webinar to get you off on the right foot. Watch now to learn:

• Key steps to start your business strong
• Understand our mission and what makes us uniquely O2
• A tour of your Back Office
• How to complete your week one checklist

So, what are you waiting for? Watch this super helpful video to make your business soar!

5) Freshen-up Your Business Cards!

You’re gonna love our new business cards, there are six fresh and fun designs to choose from!

Ordering is simple, just click here and follow the instructions. We recommend using your computer when ordering rather than a mobile device, it will make the process much easier.

6) Replacement Items- How to return an item:

Updated Return Policy Effective June 12, 2014
Published: 6/12/2014 10:41:00 PM

O2 Designers, last month you were notified of changes to the O2 Policies & Procedures (P&P’s) that go into effect today, June 12, 2014. Please take note of the following change to our return policy, which is referenced in sections 10.2, 10.3 and 10.6 in the O2 P&P’s.

Beginning June 12, 2014, returns that are not accompanied by a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) form will not be processed, and will be sent back to the original sender. Returns dated on or before June 11, 2014 will still be processed. All returns must also include a completed Replacement Form. RMA requests can be made through the Contact Us form on www.origamiowl.com.

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the most recent changes by reviewing the updated O2 P&P’s.


The Nest



7) New Things for July- Don't miss Out!!
July- Customer- Purchase with Purchase--- Spend $95 online or at a JB and be able to purchase 5 items valued at $014 for only $39. Now through July 31st. See below for file

July Incentive Training Tips- See below for file

July-September Hostess Exclusive- See below for file

8) Contest time:
Email me at leaslockets@gmail.com. Subject line: Top 10

List your name and your upline (mentor and Director) name.

Rules- list your top 10 people you want to host a party for in July and August.
Beside each name tell me if you booked or not (so yes or no)

For each person with a yes- 5 points
For each no- 4 points
For a date by their name- 2 additional points
For dates in July- 5 additional points.

Bonus: 10 points- tell me the 2 subject areas you need training?

Top points 100+-- in drawing for Visa gift card $100

Points 50-99-- in drawing for Visa gift card $50

All emails must be received by July 18th.
I will mail cards to winners by July 21st before I leave for convention.

Ready- Set-Go!!!!

9) FAQs for new Bundle- Click to read.

10) Have your stalled in your Origami Owl Business
Check out this article from another Director- Heather Alexander

11) Chrissy Weems- Sneak Peak on Fall


12)Take the Challenge: 24 bookings in 24 hours