Head Start / ISD Collaboration

Child Care Associates

In the Know:

Happy FRIDAY and 3 day weekend!!! I can't believe the things I have seen these past two weeks. Your work ethic and devotion to our students is simply inspiring.

I want to give some shout outs for these past two weeks.

  • Tiffany Barnes, Dorian Ruiz and Susanne Slodivick - Thank you for keeping a positive attitude and working so hard to get your rooms ready in such a short time!!!!

  • WSISD Collaboration- Your Growth Mindset and embrace towards change has truly set the stage for the upcoming year!

  • Andrea Williams and Liliam Morin- The inclusion of literacy into every station is AMAZING! I loved seeing your students so engaged in literacy!

Teachers Help Teach Each Other

- Remember to drink lots of water, eat a healthy lunch and wash those hands! The beginning of the year is stressful, you have to take care of yourself before you can take care of our little ones.

-Do you know the Emergency Drills (Fire Drill, Lock Down, Ect) for your campus?

Things To Remember