Tuesday's Tips

DLE Education ~ Cedar Hill ISD

Volume 1 Issue 1

Welcome to a newsletter designed just for you~ our Dynamite Dual Language Teachers!

The purpose is to provide ongoing ideas and strategies to use while implementing the key components of the DLE model.

Please send any ideas, suggestions, and/or pictures to include in future issues!


Key Component Focus: Interactive Word Walls

  • Teacher and student initiated word walls in English and Spanish
  • Vocabulary comes from various activities conducted in LOI and LOD
  • WW vocabulary reviewed in LOD
  • Continue to add words and replace "learned" words
  • "Bank" learned words to make space: ring & hang, place in jar by WW, paper plates as holder, etc.
  • add approx. 4 words per day (could be 2 in Spanish and 2 in English).
    At the 100th day of school, for example, the classroom would already have 400 words between the active word wall and the banking system!
  • Assign 2 student managers to write words, hang words, and bank the learned words.

LOD Activity of the Week


¿Qué es, qué es,

qué te quita el sombrero

y no lo ves?

*** I have a prize for the first person to respond correctly!

There are also ideas in the red books I gave out in September "El Sabelotodo".

Bilingual Pair Strategy

Big image

Vocabulary Enrichment Activity

Burrito Pancho: teams guess vocabulary word (from the Word Wall) & if no one guesses Burrito Pancho gets the point

Best Practices in the Gomez and Gomez DLE Model

Robust vocabulary development through print -rich classroom

Students "bathed" in language during instruction and environment through print-rich classroom

What is print-rich look like?

  • classroom labels, Student Generated Alphabets, Word Walls, Content Words