SSR Project

Night Hoops vs. To Kill a Mockingbird

Summary of Night Hoops by Carl Deuker

Nick is in 8th grade and looking to transfer to a bigger school. His love for basketball confirms his decision to move. He really wants to make the varsity team and works very hard at it in his backyard where his dad had a court built. The book goes on about social problems and the problems on the basketball court. Trent is another kid in Nick's grade creates problems for him during the season and also with Trent's family.

Summary of To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

The Finch family is made up of Atticus, the father, Jem and Scout, the kids, and Calpurnia, a black woman that is the cook and cleaner. The book is in Scout's point of view. Scout learns certain things from her father through her and his struggles. Atticus is a lawyer and has a tough time with a certain case. Scout always watches what Atticus thinks and does. Scout learns life lessons such as never to kill a mockingbird because it doesn't hurt anything and only makes songs for our ears to listen to.

Plot Similarity

Plot: In both books, the plot is somewhat similar. Comparing basketball and the Great Depression is actually very difficult to do. But, in Night Hoops Trent, a good basketball player, gets in a situation with the police because of his troubled family and mostly his violent brother. Just like in To Kill a Mockingbird, Tom Robinson gets in trouble with the police for raping Mayella Ewell. But Tom really didn't do it. Same with Trent in Night Hoops. His Brother was really the one that shot someones cat.


I believe To Kill a Mockingbird and Night Hoops compare very easily, especially the characters. Scout and Nick have some of the same personality traits. An example being there curiosity and will to try harder and put in more effort. Also, the plots have some similarity. Tom Robinson and Trent in Night Hoops both have trouble with the police but they both didn't really commit a crime. These books can be compared in even more things and contrasted in even more. They are two good books I would recommend to everyone.

Hope you enjoyed my presentation.