QTP Online Training


QTP Online Training

QTP Online Training For New Age Software Modules

Quick Test Professional is an automated testing software tool that can be used for different software modules and environments. It facilitates functional and regression based software testing through a user interface that acts as an integrated development environment for the test package. QTP Online Training allows you to get familiar with the fundamentals of developing test scripts that successfully allow you to validate the test purpose. QTP runs in a windows environment and supports many web browser applications such as Web, Java.Net, Oracle that are most commonly used by software developers for software application testing.

QTP training module features

QTP Online Training takes you on a comprehensive stepwise program that gets you familiar with automation Testing, Record and Playback testing and execution, identification and execution of test actions that help you get familiar with the nuances of running QTP test tools with web browsers that are most commonly used on the global web network. Real time certified professionals who are familiar with QTP scripts are on hand to provide you with training on automation testing for file system operations and web based test services.QTP Online Training module provides the best training curriculum, flexibility and practical training exposure needed to become an expert in the field of web based automation testing.

Benefits of the training

QTP Online Training offers you the chance to become familiar with the latest industry standards of functional software testing and script development that enhance your prospects of development in the field of software testing. QTP tools are the most effective devices for automatic test execution programs that help in reducing test life cycle for each product with relation to time. Automation testing analysis becomes much easier by using QTP tools as it uses a comprehensive script for test validation with zero errors. Interactive training sessions update you with the latest developments in the field of automation testing procedures that are vital for any software package developer looking to launch a bug free product in the global platform.

QTP tool for functional testing

QTP Online Training offers a guide to one of the most commonly used software functional testing tools in the software platform today. The importance of automated functional and regression testing is a demand of most organizations today and hence QTP experts are the most sought after software professionals in the market. QTP training tools will help you to master the fundamentals of QTP testing with the help of real time projects that will give you hands on working knowledge of the application. Since software testing is a vital part of the software development cycle, QTP tools are the most effective guide towards transforming you into a certified software testing professional valued by any organization.