Mrs. Votaw's Noteworthy News...

Daily Happenings in our kindergarten classroom...

This week in learning...

ELA-We will be doing a unit on "The Gingerbread Man." We will also be reading the "Gingerbread Girl". We will be discussing different reading strategies and how to use them.

Math-We will be learning about greater than, less than, and equal to.

We will also be doing a lot of assessment to get ready for 2nd quarter grade cards!

Specials and Snack Calendars...









Tuesday-Brooklyn B.



Friday-Brooklyn G.

Gingerbread Houses...

We will be building Gingerbread Houses with our 6th grade buddies next Friday. Both classes are requesting supplies so that each student can create their own house and setting. Please provide at least 1 shoe box for your child to bring the house home in. If you have extras, please feel free to send them in as well. We will need many boxes of graham crackers and containers of frosting. Other supplies parents can send in to help are:
red hots
jelly beans
coconut (for snow)
chocolate kisses
ice cream cones (trees)
wafer cookies
candy canes
fruit snacks

Thank you for helping make this experience so much fun after our Gingerbread unit!

Spaghetti Dinner...

Our first Spaghetti Dinner is this Tuesday! I will be giving a ticket to your student while noticing good behavior or a kind act the next 2 days. Please do not pay for your student. Adults are $5.00 and other children are $1.00. You have time to pay the next 2 days. I would love to see as many of you as can make it! It is always a blessing for me to see my kindy's outside of school!

Special Dates...

12/15-Spaghetti Dinner-5:30-7

12/18-Making our gingerbread houses with 6th grade buddies

12/22-Parties-a note was sent home with details

12/23-1/4-Winter Break

Thank you for sharing your child with me!