A Couple Great Months

Flying High In Style for Team Smith

Hello Ladies!

You ladies never cease to amaze me and I can't tell you how big of a blessing each of you are!! So here we are in the spring selling season... with a new catalog and amazing new specials... Live it up ladies, enjoy the opportunities and make the most of them! Now lets reflect of Dec and Jan and see who has been up to what!!


  • There is new stuff almost daily on Thirtyonetoday.com... check it out ladies and enjoy all the great resources Thirty One offers.
  • National Conference is coming to Denver, please plan on going... I have added a picture below of a great tracker that you could print and post somewhere to keep your status updated and you motivated! Lets Celebrate each of you in Denver this year!
  • Next Celebrate and Connect is in April which will again bring us a premier and a preview of all the great products for Summer!

Meet and Greet