Middle School Science Teacher

Description & duties

*Develop lesson plans and teaching outlines using the district’s adopted course of

study and instructional program guidelines.

* Teach using various methodologies, including lectures, demonstrations, and


* Plan a verity of materials appropriate for the lesson plan

* Provide group and individual instruction to motivate students to get there work done in the amount of time given

* Prepare, score, and record the students tests

* Score, and record the results of group test/project

* Communicate with parents and school/district

* Perform instructional activities.

Working Conditions

1: Being a Teacher Can Be Stressful

Teaching is very stressful! I would need to have good work habits, a healthy attitude, and the lots of motivation to succeed. Not only that i would have to worry about the parents too.

2: Physical Strain on Your Body

Teachers naturally spend a lot of time standing, and this can be hard on my body over time. This may sound like a minor problem, but it can wear on my body over time.

3: Intense Work Cycles

As a teacher, there are certain times of the year when my job is much more intense, like during the first few weeks of school, when I am working to set up my classroom. Also the weeks just before report cards come out are also very intense.

4: Having an Endless "To Do" List

Another working condition for teachers that may be under-recognized is the fact that my "To Do" list is rarely complete. There is always something for me to do.

5: The "Work Hours" are Misleading

Finally, the idea that teachers work minimal hours is misleading. Most teachers work a lot longer the actual school day, and spend a lot of their evenings, weekends, and even summers planning lessons, grading papers, and talking to parents.


*I would be at my school at 8:00 am-3:35 pm


*every weekend

* Over school breaks for example Thanksgiving break, Christmas break, and summer break

Employment Outlook

Since 2010-2011 the the employment for teachers have raised 13%, and will keep rising. We have guessed there will be about 500,000 teachers in in the United States in 2018.


*My annual salary is $46,730

*monthly salary is about $3,894

Classes I Would Have to Take

Some classes i would have to take in high school would be...

* Physical science

* Biology

* math

I would need a four year Bachelors degree to be a middle school science teacher. I would also need my teachers licence.

Career Cluster

The career cluster for my job is Education & Training.

Why Do I Want This Job?

* I would want this job because I love science!

* Another reason I would like to teach is because I like being in charge of a group of people better than others being in charge of me.

* The last reason that I would love to teach middle school science is because I love helping children learn in a fun and educational way.

Fun Facts

Did you know that most teachers are not in the teaching career for the money! People come into the teaching career for the children, so they can get a chance to learn and get a good career.