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Rockdale High School now has access to over 1000 graphical videos for 5 high school math classes.

Each video has LESSON NOTES for students. Check out these notes on "Graphing Linear Equations in Slope-Intercept Form."


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Video Textbooks

With iTutoring, static textbooks become graphical videos explaining each concept visually. iTutoring has 5 high school math courses with over 1,000 graphical videos.

iTutoring for Teachers

Teachers can play iTutoring videos in the classroom to enhance the teaching process. With an iTutoring Site License, teachers can assign videos for students to watch at home.

iTutoring for Students

Students can access videos anytime, anywhere with the school username and password. Students also have access to note pages in each lesson.

iTutoring for Parents

Parents can now participate in their child's education with iTutoring. Parents can watch videos with their student in order to guide their child through homework and preparations.

Versatility of iTutoring

iTutoring can be used in and out of the classroom. iTutoring is also compatible with smartphones and portable tablets. Both students and teachers can have access to iTutoring 24/7.