We Need You!

Recruiting for Sir Francis Drake!

Our Mission Statement

Our goal is simple, however we are in need of brave, courageous and curious adventurers willing to explore the unknowns. We have been sent by the Queen of England herself to explore the West Coast of South America.

About Your Future Leader

Sir Francis Drake is a respectful and chivalrous leader, born from Tavistock Devon, in the United Kingdom. Possessing a vast amount of skill in voyaging, he strives to take on large challenges, despite the odds. Now in favor of the Queen of England, he is set for exploring the unknown under England's name.

Your Voyage Route

Given the mission of exploring west of South America comes a great adventure in sailing. We plan to exit from the United Kingdom, sail around the tip of South America, and heading north of what is past it. Once our exploration is completed, the path expected to take will circumnavigate the world.

Your Visual Experience

Your Departure

We plan to depart on December 13, 1577 from Plymouth, England. The exploration task will last as long as it needs to.


Your leader will reward you handsomely for each and everyone of you crew members. As a thank you, depending on your performance, will reward you £ 50~250.